Wedding Planner and Event Designer, Tara Guerard of Soiree Shares Her Passion for Planning AND Her Tips for Hiring a Planner

Hiring a wedding planner and event designer! Oh, where do I start??? Letting our Soiree clients know that we have designed and planned 500 weddings is…well, as they say..PRICELESS. The experience and knowledge alone is worth every penny, not to mention the new best friends you create, the fun, the pleasure and the drop dead photos of that magical day to keep forever!  I smile as I think about this as I know that all the new gray hairs on my head come from these “magical days” that we create. If only our clients did know what we do to please them, accommodate them, sweat for them, basically kill ourselves! And then come Monday, start planning another one for the next bride on our calendar…WOW! what is wrong with us…??!!  We simply love it.

Helping make these magical days, seeing the tears of joy (seriously!), the laughter, the smiles and knowing that we, the team of Tara Guerard Soiree, made this amazing day come true for someone we’ve grown to love, keeps us coming back for more. Like any pain, we forget.

We know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to coordinate the perfect timeline. We know how to plan a party where guests are coming to us at the end and quoting, (literally!) that this was the “BEST wedding we have ever been to!” That’s what I want to create. The memories and delights that are never ending. I personally love running into a bride five years after her wedding and hearing “I have friends who STILL comment on our wedding being the greatest they’ve ever attended!” I LOVE that…A LOT! It keeps me continuing on this path and I honestly will quit this job the day that I can not design and plan a nearly perfect event.

Yes, I do think being Southern brings a certain element of softness to our design look.  There’s probably a little bit of elegance that transcends from perfectly tailored ideas and our southern drawl, not to mention our desire to be hospitable to each and every guest. I also take great pride in how one can look at one of our weddings and know it was by us…. Soiree.

We never let things seem out of place, the bouquets are fragrant, the lights are always dimmed, the music is never too loud and there is never a line for drinks.  There’s always a luxurious feel and timeless ambiance.

When you look to hire your own wedding planner and event designer, ALWAYS try to meet them face to face. Never just over the phone, it’s just not enough when you’re going to work so closely with them on such personal details. Even try to Skype with them if not in the same town, state or country. That face-to-face time is too important as you need to make sure you like them as a person.

And, make sure your wedding planner understands YOUR style. The event is about you, your spouse-to-be and your families so it must reflect back to who you are as a host/hostess.

And remember…..the most important things to remember are the ceremony and that your guests are the reason for the affair!  Having those you love around you is really the icing on the cake.  Best Wishes, Tara Guerard, Soiree