The Wedding Emergency Kit: Nipping Catastrophe in the Bud, One Bride at a Time

We know that the last thing you want to be doing moments before walking down the aisle is frantically sending out an SOS.  You’ll want those final few moments of singleness to be calm, collected and full of joyous anticipation- and your entrance to be picture-perfect, not hurried and harried.  This is precisely why every bride needs a Wedding Emergency Kit!  We’ve seen hundreds of weddings, and if something can go wrong, it’s true that it most likely will.  However, if you are one of those super-savvy brides who anticipates that catastrophes do happen and emergencies will arise, then there is good news: Half the battle has already been won.

Naturally, we’ve all dreamt of that one fine day when we’ll become an enchanting bride starring in our own beautiful love story, and we’ve all envisioned that picture-perfect fairytale wedding which should magically appear at the precise time and place we’ve arranged, but there are some Wedding Day challenges that are beyond our control.  For instance, if the photographer is running behind on your tight wedding day schedule, or the makeup artist forgets that precise pink blush you selected that complements each of your bridesmaids to perfection, there’s not much you can do about it.


There is, however, another completely different category of wedding day obstacles to be overcome, and these are smaller issues that, if the bride is well-prepared, should (hopefully!) be resolved within minutes.  This is where a handy little thing we’ll just call the Wedding Emergency Kit comes into play.

About two weeks in advance of the big, chaotic day, prepare for any last-minute emergencies by compiling a Wedding Emergency Kit with your trusty maid-of-honor and bridesmaids!  You can make it fun- split up the list in advance and have a little ‘emergency’ get together.  Have each bridesmaid bring her appointed items (don’t forget to assign someone to bring the wine!) and settle in for an evening of preparation and giggles galore.

Pinch Provisions Bridetastic

Be sure to choose a handy container- a designated tote, case or small suitcase with wheels will work beautifully.  Then, fill it to the brim with all of your bridal must-haves!  Think of each category that you may need to address, including First Aid, beauty, makeup, food, spills, personal items- you name it.  This is your chance to get prepared- ahead of time.  Taking the time to pull everything together beforehand will help you feel prepared and anxiety free, no matter what The Big Day hurtles your way!

Pinch Provisions

Here are some great items we absolutely encourage you to add to your handy-dandy Wedding Emergency Kit:

A mini-sewing kit (needles, thread, scissors, fray check, straight pins)

Safety pins, in a variety of sizes

Instant stain remover, like Tide-to-Go

White chalk, for covering up any last-minute, obvious marks on your gown

Makeup basics (concealer, foundation, lipstick & gloss)

Compact mirror

Nail clippers & file

Bobby pins

Brush & comb

Firm-holding hairspray

Oil-blotting wipes

A box of tissues

Feminine products – just in case!

Double-sided tape / fashion tape





Hydrating lotion

Perfume / body mist

A small bottle of aspirin

Cough drops

Mint strips or breath mints

Bug spray (if you’re going to be outside at all!)

A couple of bottles of water

A couple granola bars, or power bars

– Bottle of super glue, or crazy glue

For more ideas, or to purchase your own pre-made kit, visit Pinch Provisions  they’ve thought of everything.

Here’s to making sure that your first steps down that flower-bestrewn aisle into the next chapter of your life are as simple and trouble-free as possible!  Cheers!