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Berta Bridal Collection 2016

Berta, the iconic Israeli fashion designer, took the bridal market by storm back in 2014, and we’re thrilled to note that she is still on the rise. With picture-perfect silhouettes, dazzling design elements and sumptuous silks at her command, Berta has pinned, stitched and appliquΓ©d her way towards the most uniquely regal masterpieces we have ever seen. The new 2016 Collection is truly breathtaking, with gowns unlike those of any other currently celebrated designer.
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Lebanese designer Krikor Jabotian’s most recent collection of expertly crafted wedding dresses emphasizes a love for and thorough understanding of luxurious fabrics and textures. Featuring regal, intricately-layered frocks and gorgeous gowns with soft, sophisticated details, feathers, sequins and lace, each design is a veritable feast for the eyes. Each gown in the collection is flawlessly structured and every gown has a unique beauty that sets it apart from all the others. We love how Krikor is …
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