Our Interview for Signature Event Consulting & Design

How did Signature Event Consulting & Design  come into being?

SIGNATURE (former Signature Weddings) was founded in 2007 by Saraí Flores. Both Saraí and Martha Huerta have more than 10 years of experience producing weddings and events in the luxury market and their combined creative vision and dedication make them one of the most sought-after and highly regarded team in Cabo, throughout Mexico and in the destination sector.

What do you feel are Signature Mexicos strongest qualities?

  • Our business model and process
  •  Intimate knowledge about and relationships in Los Cabos, and across the Destination market in general
  • Experience with and expectations from high-end clients

Our company has the unique and strong combination of two forces. Martha is a master negotiator, with incredible organizational, operational and administrative skills. Sarai is a creative genius, with a true passion for art, beauty, style and decor with the unique ability to create perfect ambiances. As a team, our skills are perfectly complimentary. We see our work as an extension of our own personas. And we take great pride in every detail and are passionate about every aspect of the work that we do. We know that a truly successful event depends upon the work we’ve done in preparation and the mechanics behind the scenes! We create a unique blueprint for each wedding and produce personal and memorable events that incorporate the couple’s style and interests. We operate our lives and business under the believe that everything matters.

What should every couple understand about planning a destination event from afar?

First, you must be avid travelers, curious about different cultures and open to many possibilities vs. the traditional way of doing things. Then as a couple you should determine your major wedding goals and concerns, i.e. budget, size, location, time of year, and the general mood or ambiance. Lastly, take the time to find the perfect team of wedding professionals for your wedding. Couples must be ready to let go on the little things and keep the big picture. Trusting your wedding planning team will be key to the success and peace of mind during the process.

What percentages of your events are planned remotely with your clients?

100% of our events are planned remotely

What time of year is prime for a Cabo San Lucas wedding?

There are certain factors to consider when deciding when to say “I do” in Cabo. For example, it’s important to know that Los Cabos’ official rain or hurricane season begins in July and ends in October. Also, summertime is hot and rainy and there are unusual times when we get rain in January or February. Other than that, it’s pretty safe to say that the weather is great for the rest of the year.

While April, May and June are truly our favorite months of the year to celebrate weddings, we also find that November has its perks. The weather is perfect because it’s nice and cool and it doesn’t get too hot around noon anymore. And speaking of hot, the only period of time that we really (really) suggest to avoid is from the end of July to the end of September. It’s when the heat reaches its highest point, and the risk of rain or hurricanes is high as well. You really don’t want to jeopardize your wedding or have your guests suffering the rocketing temperatures, notto mention you’ll feel miserable in your wedding gown, the biggest no-no of them all.

Do you have a favorite Cabo San Lucas venue?

This would be like choosing a favorite child! Esperanza Resort is an amazing venue and great partner to work with. I also love the style and relaxed ambiance of Rancho Pescadero.

 Are there any special traditions that you suggest your clients incorporate into a destination Mexican wedding?

I feel a bit torn about traditions. I am all about the couple finding their own ones and picking the ones that truly make sense to them. I don´t like when couples feel they need to do things just because a lot of people did them before them.

What is the most important thing that couples neglect to do when planning a destination event?

Communication. As wedding professionals, it is our job to guide our clients to our process and make the experience not only effective and successful but also joyful. As client, it is your responsibility to communicate openly with your team, to express your expectations, fears and frustrations. As much as we would love to, we can´t read people’s minds and a bad communication system sets the perfect scenario for mistakes and misunderstanding.

 How often do you suggest a couple visits the destination venue when planning a destination affair?

 2 visits to the destination are perfect. The first one will be focused on finding and secure wedding venue and accommodation options to your guests, the second one will be to meet with vendors, have menu tasting, attend décor presentation, etc.

 What service do you provide that you wish more couples asked for?

We are a full wedding planning and design firm, we do it all

What is your favorite aspect of a wedding to experience?

As cheesy as it sounds, the ceremony. There is something special about this moment; a lot of the stress is gone once vows are exchanged, both for the client and for the professional. I love the joy and the excitement on people’s faces during and after the ceremony.

What processes do couples have to go through in order to obtain a marriage license in Cabo?

Although it seems like a long process, it is not. We guide our couples during the entire time and our team completes the paperwork for them.

The regulations and required documentation for a civil ceremony in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and Mexico are as follows:

  • Copies of both the bride and groom’s current valid passports
  • Copies of both the bride and groom’s birth certificates
  • Copies of both the bride and groom’s Mexican Visas/Tourist Card ((given upon entering Mexico)
  • Four witnesses for the ceremony and a copy of their valid identifications (We can provide witnesses for elopements or weddings of two.)
  • Names, addresses, nationalities, occupations and ages of both parents of both the bride and groom
  • Health certificates and blood tests of both the bride and groom (We can arrange for the tests to be done at your hotel. The test must be done in Mexico.)
  • In addition, Mexican law requires a minimum time period of one full year since the final date

What do you most love about Cabo San Lucas?

In many ways it is the land of possibilities and that is my favorite aspect of the city.

What is the most common reason couples desire to marry in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo has it all!! Terrific weather, world class resorts and restaurants, amazing professional, people who master their craft and are proud of representing the destination. Besides, it is geographically accessible to many US cities + it remains the safest place of the country

What is the most magnificent event that Signature Mexico has designed?

Luckily, we have produced many amazing events. From a personal point of view, the most magnificent one comes from the early years. Perhaps it was not about the design or the budget (although both were great), but it was about the feeling of creating something amazing as a team, of creating beauty and making people happy.

Does Signature Mexico take care of events outside of the big day, such as rehearsal dinners, brunches, parties, etc.?

Yes, definitely. We take care of entire projects, included and not limited to welcome fiestas, rehearsal dinners and brunches.

What are you most passionate about in creating an event?

I am in a constant personal mission to make the couple happy and myself happy, in the sense to create something I am proud of. I feel passionate and joyful every time we reach this goal.

Do you have any especially favorite color palettes/wedding themes?

 I am a lover of colors, patterns and mixed décor elements; however, I love the simplicity and elegance of white and green.  I like anything shiny or synthetic, I tend to stick to natural fabrics and accents.

Photography by: Chris + Lynn Photography || Floral Elena Damy

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