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Tara Guérard’s Lettered Olive: Couture Stationery with a Southern Twist & Undeniable Charm

An arbiter of wedding day style and lush event landscapes, Tara Guérard brings a hint of magic to every little thing she touches.  Her textured compositions are meticulous, her lighting exquisite- and her brides?  Well, they’re thrilled with the energy and beauty with which she crowns each new project. An extension of her chic event design atelier, Soirée, Tara Guérard’s Lettered Olive offers bespoke invitation designs and plentiful paper possibilities for brides …
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The St. Regis Princeville Resort: An Exotic Retreat for the Soon-to-Wed Elite

Hawai’i is touted as one of the world’s most luxuriant and relaxing wedding locations, and the rumors are all true- this island paradise makes an exquisite backdrop for the most elegant of occasions.  Whether it’s a destination for your upcoming nuptials that you are looking for or a no-fuss and fancy-free honeymoon location you desire, Hawai’i has it all: scenic expanses, romantic beachscapes, breathtaking sea cliff views and myriad opportunities for relaxation and exploration in your preference of sun-kissed tracts …
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MonthlyExpress: Leaving Luxe On Your Doorstep

You deserve a little ME Time… haven’t you heard?  Well, if not, we’re going to make sure that you know all about it by the time you finish reading our latest Q&A with Travis and Tara Loring of MonthlyExpress!  All it took was a chance encounter with MonthlyExpress in a Departures magazine, and I was totally hooked.  As a purveyor of luxe and in desperate need of some quality downtime, I took …
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