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Twigs & Honey: Tiny Touches To Tantalize & Transform Your Bridal Ensemble

For us, it’s always those tiny, finishing touches that truly make or break an ensemble. What’s the perfect gown if your accessories are less-than-fabulous? Gone are the days when jewelry, headpieces, sashes and brooches were an afterthought. Every bride, bride-to-be and bridesmaid knows that it’s these seemingly simple details that can transform a look from […]

Twigs & Honey
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Made to Measure: Jimmy Choo Makes Bespoke Footwear Footloose & Fancy Free

Long before Jimmy Choos graced a red carpet or posed prettily in the glossy, hot-off-the-press pages of today’s most chic magazines; before the brightest stars in the celebrity realm made Jimmy Choos a must-have, and long before Jimmy Choos dazzled fashionistas of all tastes and styles from the Globe’s hottest runways, Jimmy Choo originated as […]

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