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Spotted, 2014: Seven Spectacular Wedding Trends

With half of 2014 under our sashes, that leaves less than five months to go, and we can’t wait to see what fantastic trend will crop up next!  Planning a wedding has never been so exciting- or wildly creative.  The couple who weds in 2014 is all about the intimacy of their affair: how personal, […]

Patty Nash_Jose-Graterol
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Starwood Hotels’ Dreamy Escapes Around the Globe For Honeymoon Perfection

  When dreaming of your ideal honeymoon escape, do visions of expansive beaches, exceedingly luscious gardens and terraces or romantically historic locales tickle your fancy?  Not only is a desirable getaway about your latitude- it’s about the property at which you choose to stay; the atmosphere and ambiance created.  It’s about gorgeously appointed great rooms, […]

St Regis Kaui_clanegess Photography
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