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We Asked the Experts: "What does a wedding planner know that a bride doesn't?"

We asked our incredibly talented team of global wedding experts “What does a WEDDING PLANNER know that a bride doesn’t?”  Take a look below at their insightful and inspirational responses… “Planning a  wedding is like putting on a broadway production.  There is a big difference between who the star’s are [the bride and groom are in this instance] and who is the producer [US].  We are responsible for making sure that our vision comes off on time, on …
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It’s officially spring and I am thrilled to share with you these luxurious selections in some of the hottest colors for 2013.  It’s the perfect start to a great wardrobe…     …
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LAST CHANCE TO ENTER IS MARCH 28th! {Brides in Paradise at The Cove Atlantis}

Has sorting through swatches of fabric to determine the most perfect shade of pink and deliberating over fonts for the escort cards and rehearsal dinner menus left you tense and overwhelmed? Yes?  You are certainly not alone!  Planning a wedding is exciting and wonderful…. and completely exhausting.  Which is why we at The Bridal Circle are ecstatic to announce that one of our Bridal Circle Brides will win a complimentary ticket to an exclusive luxury bridal event at …
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