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Known throughout the world of luxury weddings for her sincere passion, Sade Awe, founder and architect of The Bridal Circle Company, is an ardent lover of all things luxurious. From assisting a bride with her selection of creative partners for a Dream Day come true, to hosting hand-selected industry experts at one of her unparalleled Inner Circle Experience Events, Sade infuses every aspect of The Bridal Circle Company with excellence. Sade’s impeccable taste and selective eye for the exquisite make her a trusted resource for an elite clientele and luxury partners alike.

With an impressive background as an (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant in the world of IT for Fortune 500 companies for over a decade, Sade brings a vast amount of knowledge to the table. Paired with her ability to effectively discern aesthetic excellence and her fascination with elegance, Sade’s lifelong interest in the world of luxury weddings transitioned beautifully into her innovative concept for The Bridal Circle Company. One of the most novel concepts the luxury wedding industry has ever seen, The Bridal Circle Company has become the culmination of Sade’s achievements, interests and passions.

Sade is truly a well-travelled woman. Having lived in such diverse locations as London, Brussels, The Netherlands and Nigeria, Sade has visited nearly every continent. Her travels have allowed her to explore the intricacies of the world of luxury on a global level. As such, The Bridal Circle Company itself has been built upon the concept of creating global solidarity for the multi-faceted world of luxury.

Sade’s keen interest in connecting leaders of luxury on a global level was spurred on by the global disconnect she identified as she tried to help plan her sister’s wedding in Dallas, Texas, while living abroad in Europe. Not only did Sade find it inefficient to attempt to connect with the high-level vendors and products she required for her sister’s nuptials, she found it nearly impossible. Although her talents enabled her to create the wedding of her sister’s dreams, the challenges Sade faced were clearly commonplace for international brides in search of the very best the world has to offer.

The Bridal Circle is the online “go to” exclusive community for couture wedding finds, featuring Creative Partners that provide luxury products and exceptional service.

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