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Considering Buying a Gown in Cyberspace? Stay Grounded with These Expert Tips

Any way you slice it, buying a wedding gown online is risky.  Not only can you not try the gown on, but you can’t see the actual textures of the lace or run the fabric through your fingers.  You simply can’t get a sense of how the gown will move or drape across your body.  Precise color is difficult to determine, and that magical feeling of finally slipping into that exact right gown is no longer part of the equation …
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Spring 2014 Has Sprung: Fashionable Florals and Tantalizing Trends from Belle Fleur’s Meredith Waga Perez

Two thousand and fourteen is well underway, and we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick Meredith Waga’s brain on the latest floral trends waltzing down the aisle.  Owner and creative mastermind behind Belle Fleur, Meredith gives us the lowdown on florals this Spring. Who’s carrying bouquets these days and what silhouettes are all the rage?  Is Radiant Orchid as radiant as it’s been dubbed to be? What palettes are contemporary brides finding most pleasing and picture perfect for florals …
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