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  Connie Dos Santos: Queen of Cupcake Couture   We all expect to see couture coming down the runways during Fashion Week, but whoever dreamed that one could encounter couture on the dessert table?  With a vivid imagination and an air of artistry, Connie Dos Santos dreamed that very dream and has swiftly swept brides all over the world into her buttercream fantasy.  Connie of Connie Cupcake Luxury Cakes spins her delightful and unexpectedly extravagant cakes beautifully into …
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Our Interview with Maddy K, Weddings & Events Atelier

MADELEINE KOJAKIAN, FOUNDER OF MADDY K WEDDINGS & EVENTS ATELIER The team at Maddy K Weddings & Events Atelier has helped coordinate countless events over the past ten years, from anniversary celebrations to bar/bat mitzvahs and baby showers. There’s really nothing they can’t whip up into a fabulous soiree at a moment’s notice!  But it’s their passion for weddings that shines through. Why weddings? Well, as Founder and Creative Director Madeleine Kojakian says “Weddings are one …
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