We Asked the Experts: "What trends are you seeing in the world of wedding stationery?"

We asked the experts “What trends are you seeing in the world of wedding stationery?” Here’s what our supremely talented Creative Partners had to say…

“Here are my top three trends in wedding invitations:

1) Metallics: Metallics continue to be quite popular and on-trend. In particular,  I predict rose gold is the new “it” color and use a lot of it in my work. Gold, silver, pewter, copper and any other shimmery shade can also make an equally elegant statement.

2) Laser-Cut: This intricate paper cutting technique allows for a level of detail and luxury that my brides just can’t get it enough of. It’s also so versatile. You can use it to add beauty to an otherwise classic set through a bellyband or sleeve, or go more elaborate and incorporate laser-cut into the main body of the invitation. Either way, it creates a true wow factor when guests open it up, which is always the goal!

3) Art Deco: 1920s stylings have always been popular in invitations for their classic and timeless appeal, but with the recent movie release of Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby, this is only going to get hotter as a wedding trend. Think bold graphics, glamorous vintage-inspired fonts and shimmery, luxurious papers.

Lastly, I want to make it clear that as trends come and go my philosophy remains that the most stylish invitation is one that is perfectly tailored to the bride and groom’s unique tastes! Do what fits and suits your personal style first and foremost and you can’t go wrong.” {Ceci Johnson, Ceci New York and Ceci Style}

“The direction of most of our clients in the region is going towards extremely simple cards with a big focus on the quality of the paper, the thickness, the color, the patterns chosen… They want the card to look rich in its simplicity and shape rather than number of elements used inside or in the packaging.. They want the card to reflect a more personal touch so even though the projects are big numbered, they want each and every guest to feel that it was a personal invitation.”  {Hibah Albakree, Design Lab Events}

“Paperie remains one of my favorite categories. It is expressive in every way… visually and verbally, as well as being tactile! The biggest trend I am seeing in the world of wedding stationary is a departure from letter pressing towards engraving. There was a period of time when everything was letter pressed! I tend to have a touch of formality in all that I do so this is a trend I I am very excited about!” {Michelle Rago, Michelle Rago Destinations}

“When it comes to wedding stationary, we still see a lot of our couples prefer to keep it simple and elegant. However, I do predict that more and more couples will be looking at introducing graphic patterns, monograms, and textured paper, inspired by “The Great Gatsby,” a wonderful film which has sparked a great interest in trends from the “Roaring 20’s.”  We thus expect rich golden tones, jeweled embellishments, silk ribbons, and classic typography as well as laser-cut paper to be at the top of the wish list for this year’s couples!” {Zainab Alsalih, Carousel Girls}

“Wedding stationery is an art form that I am so happy to see is becoming more and more important to engaged couples. The Save the Date and invitation are the first statement of style the bride and groom make to their guests, a statement that will be carried through the wedding with programs, place cards and menus, then wrapped up nicely with Thank You cards that bring the entire package together.

Letterpress invitations are making a comeback – there is something so special about the textural look and feel of an invitation printed with a traditional letterpress. Monograms are also a big trend, with couples giving a nod to the traditional but putting a modern spin on the intertwining of their initials. In both instances, color is key. Classic combinations like ivory and black are being updated with metallics, while some couples are choosing to go bold with brighter hues that match their color scheme.

For a couple that is looking to really make a statement, custom boxed invitations are a gorgeous and luxurious choice. I particularly love creating boxed invitations for destination weddings – the box is an ideal way to deliver the invitation, accommodation and travel information and a schedule for the weekend. The many different pieces that come together for a boxed invitation, from the shape and size of the box to paper and fabric choices to finishing details like ribbons or embellishments, mean that each couple’s invitation is truly unique and personal to both them and their event.” {Colin Cowie, Colin Cowie Lifestyle}

“The trends we’re seeing in wedding stationery are color, beautiful papers and lots of customization in terms of wording and fonts. This plays into the overall trend for weddings and events that we’re seeing that relates to personalization of EVERYTHING. Brides today want to clearly express their point of view through every aspect of their wedding.” {Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess}

“I just love how new materials are shaping weddings – fabrics, wood, acrylic – couples are really showcasing their creativity and personal style in their stationery. I encourage my couples to think outside of the box. Get a little wild. Have fun with it! It’s the first taste your guests will have of your wedding… make sure it’s memorable!” {Crystal Adair-Benning, Distinct Occasions}

“Some stationery trends we are seeing in 2013 include a shift back to classic, formal  invitation suites; calligraphy is huge, and almost all of our brides request some form of hand lettering be incorporated into their invitation design; a trend toward custom monograms and logos – again, it’s all about personalizing the paper; and stationery color trends often follow the same color trends you see on the fashion runway. Right now shades of pinks and metallics are popular with our brides. We are also seeing a lot of textures and layering in fashion which corresponds to our world in paper and printing. We love playing with pattern, textures and unexpected materials when creating our invitation suites (www.letteredolive.com)!” {Tara Guerard, Tara Guerard Soiree}

“I am thrilled to report that there is an increase in the demand for calligraphy as couples seek personalization for their invitation suites and wedding signage. Calligraphy is expressive and can certainly capture the essence of the couple’s personality and style. Couples are also getting very creative with the wording for their invitations – opting for unique and playful phrases that suit them in lieu of the traditional headings like “Kindly Respond” and “Save the Date”. Die-cut invitations, monograms, and metallic hues (especially gold) are also big this year.” {Moya Minns, MM Ink}

“Our clients value the visual texture of their invitations and look for designs that best represent the overall style of their wedding. Since the stationery is the first thing guests will see in relation to a couple’s special day, it is crucial that it sets the tone for what is to come. Brides and grooms are choosing everything from bright, vibrant colors to ornate laser cut wraps. We are seeing a return to the appreciation of paper and the reasons why it is so important to have something to touch, feel and enjoy.” {Amy Zaroff, Amy Zaroff Events + Design}

“I’m delighted to see trends of glamour and elegance permeating wedding invitations this season. With the popularity of the Great Gatsby drawing stylish eyes towards an aesthetic of Jazz Age glitz, the trends are going back to the inimitable impact of high end engraving. Metallic hues are as strong as ever, be it gold, rose gold, or silver. Our brides love a gilded edge on their 4 to 6 ply invitations as well as hand lettering, which highlights the incredible talent of the best calligraphers, and both of which set the tone for a wedding that is both in keeping with the importance of the marriage as well as the delight of its celebration. The stationery suites pair the formality of the invitation with the creativity of other custom elements, such as save the dates that include a hand drawn map or welcome itineraries with dinning recommendations from the couple, to give the entire weekend a really personal and meaningful touch. How chic!” {Emilie Dulles, Dulles Designs ~ Exquisite Stationery}

“Many of my clients want a magnet save-the-date for clients but want a more sophisticated look than those available online.  So, I collaborate with a local stationer to design a paper card with all the pertinent details and a detachable magnet that bear the clients names, wedding date and motif. For invitations I’m seeing a strong return to the traditional!  Most of my clients are asking for hand-penned wedding suites and paper goods on thick cottony paper in traditional shapes.  Brides are splurging on these items which give a rich, custom and personalized feel over embellishments and intricate shapes.” {Susan Graham, Susan Graham Signature Events}

“The weddings we have hosted in the past several months have showcased a classic menu card; however, keeping it very simple, traditional and elegant. They will then do their place cards to match in style and tone. I feel that the brides are simplifying their collateral and focusing on the most important places for wedding paper accessories.” {Kerry Harter, Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach}

“There will always be trends in color, design and personalization but it doesn’t mean they should define your own personal style. Follow your intuition. You will have an immediate sensory reaction to color, materials, graphics, etc. Use this to guide your decision-making. And while you may fall in love with elements of a trend, it doesn’t mean you have to go all in. Find ways to make it your own.” {Christine Traulich and Dori McDonald, RedBliss Invitation Design}

“I am the exclusive distributors of Vera Wang Fine Paper and William Arthur Stationery for Costa Rica, so invitations are a particular passion of mine! We’re seeing some very innovative use of shapes this year, such at the new scalloped envelope collection from William Arthur and envelope seals in various shapes. While white is the consummate choice for weddings, color is making a splash, with a veritable rainbow of paper choices. One of my favorite new lines features laser-cut paper that looks like lace. So feminine yet so cutting edge. Couples have a huge range of possibilities and are choosing to really make a statement with their paper products, right from the Save the Date through to to the Thank You Cards.” {Larissa Banting PBC, President, Weddings Costa Rica}

“I see more and more that couples are finding inspiration from travel, fashion, art, culture, architecture and history and essentially, the world around them. Creating something that is a sense of themselves and a representation of their personal style and image. It is a form of message you put out to the world to announce a special occasion. I believe your image on paper is just as important as anything else in the wedding. It defines what and who you are as well as what your marriage will stand for.” {Madeleine Kojakian, Maddy K}

“Wedding stationery is a place where brides and grooms are expressing their individuality and creativity. Tactile, colorful, and dimensional touches are in demand. Luxurious fabrics, intricate laser cuts, mixed metals and a touch of bling all raise the invitation suite up a notch, making it an experience to open. Paper and print quality, edge coloring and die cut shapes are also important trends. As always, artful invitations set the tone for what is to come.” {Andrea Liss, Hannah Handmade}