Incorporating Incredible Music Into Your Wedding Ceremony

When you ask a bride and groom what moved them the most during their wedding, invariably, they refer to an emotional moment they shared during their ceremony. Quite possibly, that special moment may involve carefully chosen music such as the bride’s entrance, the couple’s recession or a hymn sung during the ceremony itself.  The wedding ceremony is a ritual that notes a major change in the couple’s journey together and as such, the ceremony should not be an afterthought in the planning process. Rather than breezing through the “standard” ceremony order and structure, giving considerable more thought to the artistic aspects of the ceremony can magnify the emotional impact it can have in the long run. And what’s more artistic and mood enhancing than music?

Here are our top tips for incorporating incredible music into your wedding ceremony:

1) Depending on where you are holding your wedding ceremony, e.g. a church or synagogue, perhaps a hotel ballroom or under a grove of apple trees, make sure you have consulted with the venue, house of worship and/or religious leader or ceremony officiant for rules and guidelines as to what is permitted;

2) The venue itself can influence the style of the music selected so keep in mind the spirit of the location as well as the space available within it. For instance, although you may love the idea of a 20-person gospel choir lining the center aisle of the tiny seaside church,  could anyone else fit down the aisle? Could the choir be placed on the perimeter of the church instead of crowding the aisle? Or, will the trio of harps be okay performing outside in the sun or would they prefer to be inside the tent, or a carpeted stage in a shady spot?

3) Discuss the types of music that appeal to you both, discuss what feels romantic and then determine how to showcase the corresponding musicians. For instance, lining the pathway to the church doors with a string ensemble playing favorite romantic movie themes could be a fabulous entrance for guests;

4) Go with live music for the ceremony, no matter how sure you are that only a recording of your favorite song will do. Live music, whether classical or jazz standards,  far more impact than recorded music. Using live musicians at the ceremony may also be easier than trying to time a recording smoothly to the action itself; and

5) Don’t underestimate the power of a rehearsal. And we’re not talking rehearsing just the order of the service. The musical aspects of the program also needs to be rehearsed, particularly if you’ve arranged for a complicated mix of opera, instrumental solos, grand orchestrations, joyous hymns or a Scottish bagpiper exit processional. Or any other combination of tunes and performers that speak to your heart. Have the musicians attend the rehearsal to learn the timing, space and sound available for the service.  {worth every extra penny to make this happen!}

We’d love to hear what you’re considering for your wedding ceremony music ~ will you have live musicians?

{Photos: Starlight Orchestras}