A Moment in Time…Cinemagraphs

Remember meeting your love for the first time? A sideways glance as you drove to the restaurant. . .

The way he grazed your hand with his when handing you the menu. . . The dimple in his cheek and mischievous sparkle of his eye as you discussed all of the “first date” questions. . .

Often, we fall in love with the smallest gestures.  All of those almost imperceptible moments add up.  Suddenly, we realize we’re truly smitten.

New York-based creative artist photographer Jamie Beck and visual graphics artist Kevin Burg havepartnered together to create a series called Cinemagraphs.  They take an image that contains, within itself, a living moment. Literally.

With the simple movement of the eyes or the gentle movement of the wrist, suddenly the viewer is sucked in to another time and place.  The viewer is left pondering, “What is she thinking about?” or “Where is she going?”

Here are some of my favorites from Jamie and Kevin’s portfolio.  They continue to mesmerize me. One image at a time. One stolen moment to savor. One small gesture caught on film with real movement.

Seeing these beautiful images makes me wonder:  Instead of a wedding slide show or the typical emailed “Save the Date” why not let your guests in on the romance?  Stunning animated GIF’s of the two of you staring in to each other’s eyes or his hand gently brushing your cheek would certainly set the stage for an unforgettable wedding.

A moment in time. . .with endless possibilities!

Jamie Beck