The Ultimate Entertainers Rock With U Entertainment

We knew from day one that whomever we selected as our live musicians at the Inner Circle Experience Fête would need to be original, engaging and capable of getting a room full of the wedding industry’s most discerning creative personages on their feet and able to keep them there for an evening of all-out enjoyment.  This is the exact reason we decided that we could have none other than Ross Bielejeski and Rock With U center stage for this most momentous occasion, and we couldn’t have been happier with the entertainment.  Ross and his incredibly talented entourage did not disappoint.

Truly innovative, Rock With U’s sound is both contemporary and sophisticated.  From start to finish, Rock With U performs a continuous flow of music that incorporates a vast range of styles and genres, ensuring guests are constantly engaged.  Rock With U’s unique Fusion performance combines both DJ and Band, creating a hybrid experience that encapsulates a wide range of sounds and possibilities.

In fact, Ross and his team were so engaging during the ICE Fête, guests literally got up to dance between courses at dinner.  So seamlessly did RWU tie the evening together with absolutely no dead space, that guests could hardly believe they’d danced the night away and that it was time for the band to wrap up when the strains of the final song filled the air.

Ross and the talented vocalists, musicians and managers of RWU felt just like part of the Inner Circle family.  Vibrant and energetic, they took the party from the stage and spent some time on the dance floor as well.  We loved that not only was the band a part of the party, they had an incredible ability to read the vibe of the crowd and connect with the Inner Circle guests.  For the ultimate in entertainment, we couldn’t have had a more effective or impactful group of performers- Rock With U literally rocks with you and your guests and the result is the party of a lifetime.