EFD Creatives’ Beautifully Branded Brides: Taking Weddings to Another Level

Led by the beautiful and creative Edna Dratch-Parker, EFD Creative is a luxurious event planning and design house committed to taking newly engaged couples’ dreams and transforming them into events that exceed every expectation.  From minute details (that make all the difference!) to large-scale surprise elements and sweeping, elegant designs, EFD Creative recognizes that every aspect of an event matters.  With a strong sense of artistry and keen reputation for professionalism, Edna and her team have every quality a discerning bride requires for creating Wedding Day success.

With two locations in New England- one in Boston and another in the Berkshires- EFD Creative has found that their most stunningly successful events focus around the experience of Wedding Branding.  A classic and chic option for couples who want to create an unprecedented experience for their guests, Wedding Branding is all about organization, aesthetic and impact.  Branding your event, just like branding a business or fashion line, offers a concise way to communicate to guests just exactly who you are as a couple and what you stand for.  It is a unique way of creating a strong sense of personalization and specificity and to really hone in on your unified aesthetic.  Branding an event is the best way to help guests fall in love with you as a couple.

Dratch-Parker has broken down the idea of Wedding Branding into four key components to help her brides envision all that their weddings should be.  From the overall aesthetic and expression of the day to creating seamless continuity and maintaining simplicity, Dratch-Parker and EFD Creative know the secret of developing an experience that will absolutely wow friends and family.

Follow these four stellar points below from EFD Creative to really rock an event that will beautifully and completely convey your sentiments and identity as newlyweds on that oh-so-important day- your Wedding Day!

Look and Feel

The location, ceremonial and decorative touches, flowers and even textures- whether they are the linens, the wedding programs or favors – all contribute to the overall look and feel of your event.  These elements combine to provide the ‘wow’ factor because they are the first things that hit you when you walk into the venue.  Branding is about creating this same look and feel from the beginning to the end.

Expression of an Ideal

Think about your best qualities, likes and values as individuals and as a couple.  These are the elements that we will use to brand your wedding day.  These qualities inform the look and feel of your wedding and set you apart from any other couple.  Your ‘ideal you’ is what we want the guests to experience and appreciate on your wedding day.


Continuity is about creating a theme for the wedding and a consistent aesthetic throughout the entire event, from the initial invitation to the final ‘thank you’ card.  This is the part of branding where the ‘Look and Feel’ and ‘Expression of an Ideal’ are applied.  EFD Creative works with the bride and groom to seamlessly weave these elements into the design, artistic touches, activities and organization of every aspect of the wedding.  We ensure that the quality remains at a high standard and everything ties back to the original theme. Continuity is what makes the ‘wow’ factor keep on giving throughout the entire wedding.


When helping a bride and groom create their brand, there may be ten different ideas they want to incorporate.  EFD Creative helps the couple distill their ideas down to the few most important elements that truly define their relationship.  It is important to have simplicity embedded in the branding of an event or guests may be overwhelmed by all of the ideas couples are trying to convey.  Creating that personalized stamp has to be easily understood and must capture the bride and grooms’ identity as a newly married couple.  Simplicity creates the strong impression that people walk away with.  It is the couple’s unique footprint and should be easily remembered.  Hopefully, this ideal will be so impactful that it becomes something guests will want to emulate for their own weddings and special occasions!

Head-Shot image taken by Melissa Mermin