BeautyBook: Tool Up with Our Top 5 Beauty Must Haves

By Beauty Editor, Heidi Evora-Santiago of damali nyc

It always amazes me how many women will go out and spend hundreds of dollars on the latest makeup, but will completely omit the necessary tools needed  to enhance these fabulous products.  My very wise and quite “unique” grandmother believed that every woman should own her own set of household tools… I believe every woman should have her own set of beauty tools.

Here are my makeup beauty tool mainstays:


Clarasonic Brush

Cell turnover… it’s the stuff of life. New life; new cells. When we are babies, smooth, plump skin turns over approximately every 14 days. When we are teens, cells turn over approximately every 21 to 28 days. As we age, cell turnover slows down to 30 to 40 days, and after we reach 50 and older, cell turnover can slow to 1-1/2 to 3 months!  The brushing motion of the Clarasonic Brush not only deep cleans but helps to exfoliate the old skin cells which can make skin appear dry and flaky. In addition, the circular motion of the brushing helps to stimulate blood flow which promotes a healthy glow.

Preo Eyelash Curler

Preo Eyelash Curler

As a makeup artist I have tried virtually every mascara on the market and I can honestly say that no matter how thickening, lengthening or separating the properties mascara can provide, they DO NOT curl lashes.  Curling your lashes will immediately give you a more wide eye, alert and yes… sexier look. Who doesn’t want that?



Whether you are plucking your brows by yourself or having a specialist do them, you should definitely have at least one pair of professional grade tweezers. What differentiates a professional brand from a non-professional you ask?  Well it’s the way that the edges of the tweezers (the edges that extract the hair) are sharpened and aligned. Grade A tweezers have edges that are sharp enough to grasp a single hair, thus removing it from the follicle without cutting it off at the skins surface. Removing hair from the follicle slows down its regrowth and it also prevents the appearance of stubble.  (The latter is especially significant to those of us who have the occasional rouge chin/facial hairs. Stubble anywhere on a woman, especially her face is NEVER cute!)  Alignment also plays a part in allowing you to grasp those wayward hairs, if a tweezer does not close properly, no matter how sharp it is, it will not allow you to grip a single hair.  {I recommend Damone Roberts and the  Tweezerman}

The Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

The Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

This adorable tear drop-shaped bubble gum pink sponge is hands down the most universal constant found in all professional makeup artist’s cache of tools. It is amazing for applying liquid foundation and giving a flawless coverage to the skin without looking heavily made up. In addition, the pointed tip is perfect for applying and blending contour and/or highlighter. It is best used damp and can be reused for up to 4 months! It’s a must have!

Tatcha Blotting Papers

Blotting Papers

These thin, sheer oil absorbing papers are great for use before makeup and as a refresher throughout the day. For my clients who are extremely oily I apply a sheet after I moisturize their skin and before I apply foundation. The sheets serve to absorb the residual oil left on the skin. It helps to prevent breakouts as well as prolonging the freshness of makeup applications. I prefer blotting papers for touch-ups as they do not build up like compact powders can on the skin. But for those ladies who do like a little powder, some have papers which are infused with a small bit. Blotting papers also allow you to diminish shine without disturbing your makeup. My favorites are Tatcha Blotting Papers  and Bobbi Browns.

{Heidi’s stunning headshot courtesy of Ade Adetayo}