We just can’t get enough of Yumi Katsura’s intricately detailed gowns! Swoon-worthy & Beyond.

If you’re like us, you still can’t believe the glamour and glitz of Bridal Market is over!  Now it’s time to savor every last detail, from carefully-beaded bodices to hand-painted patterns, and Yumi Katsura’s collection is no exception.  With designs both colorful and exotic, Yumi Katsura even utilizes Washi paper to create a stunning couture gown!

From Alexandria to Zurich, Yumi Katsura’s collection is as diverse as it is beautiful, in a glorious procession of designs inspired by and named for trend-setting cities of the world.  Entitled ‘Painting the World with Beauty’, Yumi Katsura did just that!  Now that you’ve seen for yourself, do you have a favorite pick?  We’d love to know!