Berta Bridal Collection 2016

Berta, the iconic Israeli fashion designer, took the bridal market by storm back in 2014, and we’re thrilled to note that she is still on the rise. With picture-perfect silhouettes, dazzling design elements and sumptuous silks at her command, Berta has pinned, stitched and appliquéd her way towards the most uniquely regal masterpieces we have ever seen. The new 2016 Collection is truly breathtaking, with gowns unlike those of any other currently celebrated designer. Berta’s most recent look has captivated both the minds and imaginations of the global bridal market and brides the world over.

The true cornerstone of Berta’s design success is her keen eye for fashion and ability to transfer that awareness into trendsetting design concepts. Berta’s 2016 collection is inspired by the 8th century in Western Europe – the aftermath of the French Revolution. It was during this time that women became more comfortable with their bodies. A time when women embraced clothing that emphasized their figures, and more boldly accepted their femininity.

Berta’s ability to span the gap between her initial successes and present Collection has certainly revealed the artist’s quest to follow her heart. The continuity she demonstrates throughout her collections encapsulates the core of her design identity- a look that is soft, supple and sophisticated. In the end, Berta has managed to style the aisle effectively, while still weaving her artistic nature into her sought-after gowns.

Intricately cut fabrics in nude, champagne and dark ivory hues form the foundation of Berta’s 2016 Collection. Appliques and embellishments of varying tones and hues create dimension and depth. Sheer backs and necklines and an extraordinary attention to detail make each Berta garment worthy of the sort of adoration a bride feels for her dream-day dress. Each moment of every gown is carefully constructed and delicately realized.

With the variety of sensual silhouettes available, brides are able to select a style that most flatters their unique forms. Backless, plunge, illusion, or even off the shoulder options are all available to the modern Berta bride. Enjoy a few of our top picks below- we’d love to see one of these stylishly sensational numbers on a Bridal Circle bride! Ensconce yourself in the glamour of Berta’s 2016 Bridal Collection, and you’ll soon see why we’re swooning.


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