To Veil or Not to Veil: Inspiration for the Modern Bride

Have you ever wondered just what it is about a veil that brings the bride’s entire look together on her Wedding Day?  There is something mysterious, beautiful and transformative about donning a veil-but not just any veil! With the variety of lengths, styles and materials available, a bride must take many factors into consideration, including the color, style and length of her bridal gown.  Where does one begin? Don’t despair! We have you covered (no pun intended!) with a quick round-up of bridal veil lengths, styles, dos and don’ts! Read on for a brisk spin through the delicate art of selecting a veil.



Dos & Don’ts

DO make sure to try a veil when you go to your dress fitting, even if you don’t think you would like to have one! You may be surprised.

DON’T select a veil that competes with your wedding gown. A veil, like any other accessory, should complement your overall Wedding Day look! If your gown is simple, you may be able to don a more embellished veil. Alternatively, if your gown is extremely decadent, you should opt for a more subtle veil.

DO consider a variety of veil colors and embellishments! Veils vary in color from ivories, whites and creams to pinks, golds and beiges! There are both regular finishes and shimmer finishes. Beading, lace, rhinestones and ribbon are just some embellishment possibilities! The options are infinite.

DON’T forget to consider the location of your wedding! It may be impractical to wear a long, flowing veil for a beach wedding or a cathedral-length veil for a wedding held at a less grandiose venue or in a smaller chapel.

DO know how you plan to have your hair styled, as this will play a leading role in your selection of a veil and accompanying headpiece.

Now that we’ve unveiled some of the mystery shrouding veil selection, we want to know what your favorite style is.