The Art of Diplomacy by Celebrity Invitation Designer, Ellen Black of Lehr and Black

For over 40 years, the Los Angeles-based and family-owned stationery business Lehr and Black has been regarded as the only choice for luxury, high-end and creatively-design wedding invitations. Just some of the celebrities they’ve designed wedding invitation suites for include Adam Sandler and Gwen Stefani to Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Britney Spears, Eva Longoria and the Kardashians.


With all that fabulous experience in the wedding industry so close at hand, we just had to tap into Ellen Black’s knowledge on a regular basis with “Inviting Notes.” Each month, we’ll be asking for Ellen’s advice on wedding invitations, social etiquette and wedding planning.


When it comes down to making wedding planning decisions, it’s really comes down to mastering the art of diplomacy. Listen, weigh, consider carefully and then act confidently.

When couples make the decision to get married everyone in their lives wants in on the fun, has an opinion and, most definitely, an answer! I try to encourage my couples to always keep the peace by LISTENING to and valuing their close friends’ and families’ opinions. However, remember you have hired a team of experts that you most likely took a very long time choosing. So lovingly listen to everyone in your life, but ultimately, each decision should be made with the planner or designer you hired to do that job.

I try to remind each family that any situation that arises is likely something we in the business have come across many many MANY times. More than likely, that means we’ll have a much clearer, and less emotionally swayed, idea of the proper decision to make.

All the best, Ellen Black