RedBliss Designs Another Dimension In The Art Of Luxurious Stationery

Before the sunkissed beaches, before the signature cocktails, before the live music and late-night dancing on bespoke, golden dance floors, there was an invitation.  An invitation to attend the first (hopefully of many!) elite Inner Circle Experience events, extended to those designers and creative professionals at the pinnacle of the luxury wedding industry.

Envisioned, designed and executed by the incredible team at RedBliss Design, the Inner Circle Experience invitation was the first of a series of stellar stationery pieces that would make up an entire ensemble of elite materials utilized throughout the ICE event.  From a beautiful, textured concierge box with shiny gold-metallic details containing conference materials to the round gold-metallic place cards that doubled as menus at the extravagant ICE Fête, every aspect of the stationery design was unexpected and superb.

Led by the illustrious Christine Traulich and Dori McDonald, the team at RedBliss Design is known for their ability to realize their clients’ desires through materials outside the standard realm of stationery.  From plexi glass and other plastics to balsa wood, metals and unconventional objects (she created an invitation from a barn shingle for her own nuptials!), Christine and her team are continually experimenting and developing products that encapsulate the creativity and originality of the events they precede.

Since we were supremely delighted with the materials Red Bliss created just for us, we decided to share these beautiful objects with you.  A selection of our bespoke pieces along with other couture RedBliss design may be viewed below.

Let go and let RedBliss Design carry you away on the wings of their imagination.