Tech Tips for Modern Brides

Tech-savvy brides not only use social media to plan their nuptials, but also to create an experience for guests that go beyond the wedding celebration. From streaming with loved ones that can’t be there to taking selfies at the ceremony, weddings are more interactive than ever. Here’s how you can incorporate social media into your big day.

Make a Wedding App

Wedding sites are so three years ago. Modern couples use tools like Appy Couple or Wedding Party to make wedding apps. Guests download your app to get all the details about your wedding from how you met to event info, maps and they can also post their own photos and comments.

Provide WiFi

If you’re not having an unplugged wedding, give guests a way to use social media on their phones. No matter where your wedding takes place, ensure that your guests have WiFi and give them the password after the ceremony. You can print the info on a small card and hand it out with your escort cards or add it to your wedding app.

Hire a Social Media Concierge

Document your special day by hiring a social media expert. The social media concierge can create a custom hashtag for you, live tweet your wedding, encourage your guests to post on social media with your hashtag and make sure that all your pics are posted to Instagram. Many of them also create and manage a blog for you and curate a recap of your big day.

Create an Instagram Hashtag

Make your own hashtag, and have guests posts pics and videos with your wedding hashtag. Before “making it official”, check online to see if another haven’t used your hashtag yet. You can also hand over instagram to your wedding photographer or recruit a bridesmaid to update for you. Just like your wedding WiFi password promote your hashtag on your wedding app.

Share Video

You and your guests can capture memories of your special day with Vine or Instagram. Guests can use Vine to record six second videos of your first kiss, the happy couple cutting the cake or your walk down the aisle. While Instagram is perfect for longer moments like your first dance and wedding vows.

These are only a few ideas on how you can incorporate social media into your wedding.  If you have any more ideas, please share them with us!