Table Top Love…

When the extravagance of you love calls for a luxurious celebration, a couture tabletop design is just what you need to bring color, chic design and life to your party.  Check out these phenomenal tabletop designs from some of the world’s most renowned planners and our Creative Partners!  We absolutely love these tabletops and we can’t wait to hear which of these gorgeous ideas become must-haves for your big day!

  1. Clear, crisp and clean.  We’re swooning over this subtle palette from Mindy Weiss.  Photograph by Elizabeth Messina.
  2.  Organic and earthy, Mindy Weiss transforms this tabletop with a single sculptural element.  Photograph by Elizabeth Messina.
  3.  These low-lying centerpieces from Tropical Occasions carry a trendy color splash of greens and muted yellows.  Paired with a textured runner, these simple design elements combined create a cohesive look.
  4.  An ambience of pale peach and orange brings a rosy glow to this special occasion by Toast Events. Photograph by David Christensen Photography.
  5.  Everything’s coming up pink in this tent-covered event, designed by Tara Guerard.  Soft and ladylike with splashes of early-spring-green.
  6.  We love the mixture of sea and shore in this tabletop design from Colin Cowie.  The limited palette emphasizes the textures and shapes of the flowers and starfish; genius!
  7. Classic, simple, chic.  Sometimes the most stunning designs are also the most restrained, as is this extensive banquet-table design by Colin Cowie
  8.  Colin Cowie pairs spindly branches with bursts of pure white hydrangea to create a unique dichotomy in this tabletop design.
  9.  For romance by the seaside, check out Todd Fiscus’ pretty tabletop decor.  Pink, cream and white posies paired with classic place settings and ivory candles are just the thing.
  10.  Tropical Occasions pairs the elongated elegance of these lilies with elements of  vivid orange.  The result is captivating.
  11.  Bright, bold and beautiful!  We love the energy in this magnificent centerpiece from Todd Fiscus.
  12.  Incorporating elements of light into the tabletop design is imperative, as Todd Fiscus  does here.
  13. Transparent glassware and crystal balanced with bold blooms give this Toast Events tabletop an air of delicate elegance.
  14. Make a statement with your centerpieces!  Here, Toast Events expertly uses these stunning pieces to fill not only the table but also to dictate the overall feel of the entire room.  Photograph by Callaway Gable.
  15. Tropical Occasions creates a tidy tabletop through the use of repetition.  Muted colors and smaller blossoms achieve this look.
  16. Mindy Weiss’s keen attention to the intricacies of a party are evident in this charmingly-lit  centerpiece.  Not only is it beautiful, it brings and element of the unexpected to the table.  Photograph by Elizabeth Messina.
  17. The epitome of extravagance, these centerpieces by Marcy Blum are dripping with flowers.  Gentle candlelight dances across the table for a truly magical effect.
  18. Vary the sizes of your centerpieces, as Marcy Blum has done here, for a more interesting tabletop design.
  19. Classic elegance at its finest.  We couldn’t love this tabletop decor from Ed Libby Events any more than we already do!
  20. Tara Guerard puts a creative spin on these centerpieces, bedecking the boughs with clusters of pale roses.
  21. Signature Event Consulting filled the rafters of this quaint venue with lanterns varying in shape and size to create a completely unique atmosphere.
  22. We think this classic centerpiece from Signature Event Consulting is simply gorgeous!
  23. Modern, yet romantic, we love the balance of colored light and pure white blossoms united in this design from Geller Events.
  24. Signature Event Consulting utilizes vibrant color and soft tealights to bring this garden-style tabletop to life.
  25. Marcy Blum offers another great example of how light brings life to a party!  These cream-hued blossoms are bathed in blue light, creating an ambience that is altogether otherworldly!
  26.  Modern and playful, Marcy Blum takes a chance with these creatively-balanced centerpieces, creating a never-before-seen ook.  Photograph by Fred Marcus.
  27. Ed Libby makes each tabletop a moment of warmth and interest in the overall composition of this event’s decor.  We love how each carefully-decorated tabletop becomes its own moment of excellence in the overall sea of the event.
  28. We love the way Geller Events  goes back to the basics by activating the overall purple of the space through the use of carefully placed bright yellow centerpieces.
  29. Geller Events expertly manipulates this tabletop decor in a simple, classic manner that fortunately does not compete with the decadent light display.