Soundtrack of My Life by Jason Fioto of Generation Events

Staying true to the DeeJay art form, Jason Fioto of Generation Events has always let his music speak for him. For more than 10 years, his music has spoken volumes while he’s manned the turntables at some of the hottest nightspots–from Marquee and 1Oak in New York City to TAO in Las Vegas. With an uncanny ability to read the crowd and mix diverse genres into one night of music, Jason’s energized style has translated seamlessly from the clubs to weddings.  Knowing how music rocks his world on a daily basis, we thought it would be fun to experience Jason through the “soundtrack of his life”…

The Bridal Circle

The first album I bought with my own moneyTen by Pearl Jam. I remember hearing “Alive” on MTV and just loving the song and wanted to hear more.

The first song I ever danced to in public: “People Everyday” by Arrested Development. I remember always loving this song and whenever it came on the radio it made me want to dance. So I did.

The song I wish I had written: Too many amazing songs to pick just one. However, I’ll go with “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure. It’s a classic and very well written.

the fugees

The album that reminds me of homeThe Score by Fugees. It was a huge album when I was growing up. Everyone was always playing it everywhere you went. Great album!

The song that screams SUMMER to me“Summertime” by Sublime has that feel-good but cool vibe to it. Makes you want to hang by the pool and just relax.

My go-to karaoke jam“Wonderwall” by Oasis. It’s great to belt out that melody, especially the first line.

The song that reminds me of my girlfriend“Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. The chorus lyrics say it all. Plus, it’s just an amazing song.

Album that gets me pumped up for another weddingLife After Death by Notorious B.I.G. It’s a classic, so many amazing tracks on this album, it inspires me to get on the turntables.

The song that makes me cringe when I hear it“Times of Your Life” by Paul Anka. I don’t know why but there is something about his droning voice and the depressing melody that I just can’t take.

My guilty pleasure, shout out the windows, song“Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy. I love the melody and the production. It makes me want to sing along to it. Loudly.

The tune I hum to myself for days after I hear it on the radio“Applause” by Lady Gaga. It’s a really catchy song that gets you hooked. Plus they play it…a lot!

The song that reminds me of my dog“Give Me Everything Tonight” by Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, AfroJack and Nayer. When the song would come on I would grab my dog and make him dance to it. I’m sure he wasn’t thrilled about it; however, I had to do it. LOL!

Song I’d like played at my funeral“Holiday In Spain” by the Counting Crows. It’s a very reflective song.

The song that reminds me of my first crush“Again” by Janet Jackson. There’s something about the lyrics and melody to this one that takes me back to those days.