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Krikor Jabotian is a name synonymous with glamour, style, and elegance!  His sense of refinement, wearability, motion and fine attention to detail take his gowns from being simply lovely to a whole new level of artfulness.  Every fold of his fine fabrics adds a lingering wistfulness to the designs- every woman donning one of his creations becomes a goddess.  One of the most unbelievable aspects of Krikor’s design ability is that every piece feels completely and utterly original.  He is constantly interacting with his work, manipulating the silhouettes, perfecting the cascade of a train, varying the cut of a bodice, to ensure that every gown bears its own originality.  While Krikor’s collections very beautifully coalesce, there is no redundancy.  No sense of, ‘We’ve seen that before.”  Each gown stands alone, but fits seamlessly amongst the overall aesthetic of each Krikor Jabotian Collection.

Obviously, Krikor’s skill and imagination have wowed us, but we wanted to know more!  Recently, The Bridal Circle caught up with Krikor to learn a little more about the man who has so completely inspired us with each new gown he unfurls.  Read on to find out all about this incredible Lebanese designer, how he got his start, and where he sees Krikor Jabotian, the fashion house, heading over the next few years!

Krikor Jabotian
Krikor Jabotian
Krikor Jabotian

TBC: How did you first get started in bridal fashion?

KJ:It was in Beirut, 5 years ago, that I first started the business. Given that weddings are considered a vital festivity in Lebanese culture, I happened to find myself working with many brides!  As the business grew throughout the years, evidently the demand for bridal gowns increased as well.

TBC: Tell us about Krikor Jabotian, the fashion house?

K.J: Krikor Jabotian is a family business that was set up in Beirut 5 years ago. It was there and then that our early couture clients were introduced to our bespoke pieces and comprehensive world of detail. The union of our intricate embroideries, volume, and movement gives our custom-made evening and wedding gowns a regal, yet contemporary, air. We’ve established ourselves among women in the region that value statement pieces with an elegant and timeless essence.

TBC: How would you define your personal style, and does it play a part in your designs?

K.J: I embrace classicism, yet at the same time, there is a sense of opulence in my designs. That’s why we tend to create wearable statement pieces.

TBC: What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

K.J: It is a vintage, theatrical cream dress, made out of more than 60 m of gas de cotton. It is a playful piece, since the train can be maneuvered to create different looks.

TBC: What was the inspiration behind your 2013-2014 collection, or Haute Couture gowns?

 K.J: It is called Closure. It is both an extension and conclusion of the previous collection called Chapter 1.  Since a chapter always begins with a blank page, the color of the collection was white which represents purity and new beginnings. During that period, I had different challenges on a personal and professional level, which I have overcome. Therefore, the “Closure” collection represents an end to that chapter in my life.

TBC: From where do you draw your inspiration and your ideas about fashion? What inspires you?  Does that change?

K.J: Anywhere, everywhere, from the vulgar to the beautiful- I do not like to limit myself. Inspiration comes in any form, from music to an emotion. It does change, depending upon the circumstances, my environment and my mood. Inspiration is ongoing and has no timing.

TBC: How do you define luxury, elegance and glamour?

KJ: Luxury is when you have enough means and time to indulge in whatever you like. It is the act of indulging. Elegance is an attitude.  It is subtle and demure and lies within a person’s way of life. Glamour is more on the dramatic side and involves opulence and extravagance.

TBC: What won’t you travel without?

K.J: My music.

TBC: Looking back over your life, whom have you looked to as style and design mentors?   Influencers?

K.J: Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and City- I love how she mixed and matched different elements; she definitely was a trendsetter.  I also love Anna Piajji’s eccentricity and confidence. Christian Lacroix is best at mixing colors and patterns and creating living pieces of art.

I love McQueen’s romanticism and how he took it to another level with his contemporary designs. I am fond of Madame Gres and her outstanding drapery, which despite being created in the 40s, is still considered to be contemporary today!  Her designs are timeless.

These are only a few off of a very long list.

TBC: We’d love to know what you wore for your most recent romantic evening out!

K.J: It was a black on black outfit.

TBC: What is your most necessary extravagance or guilty pleasure?

K.J: I generally have a sweet tooth.  My guilty pleasure would be a raspberry angel cake, coupled with lemon sorbet.

TBC: What are some of your favorite fabrics to work with?

K.J: Gaz, gazar and tulle.

TBC: What is your all time favorite romantic movie

K.J: In the Mood for Love, by Wong Kar Wai.

TBC: Knowing how busy you are, can you share with us how you start and end each day?  How do you maintain your creative energy? 

K.J:  wake up very early, have a heavy breakfast, head to the workshop and follow up on creative and corporate matters.  After a long day at work, I go to the gym, workout for 2 hours, and then go home and crash, except for Fridays.  On Fridays, I unleash my energy and go out for drinks!

TBC: What “must-have, can’t live without” product is an absolute for you?

K.J: My Chanel kohl.

TBC: What is one little known fact about you that would surprise us? 

K.J: I can sing.

TBC: What’s next for Krikor Jabotian?

K.J: I am extremely optimistic about what the future holds.  I am the kind of person that embraces events positively as they occur. I definitely see myself doing RTW; it’s challenging, since the outcome is meant to be both beautiful and functional.  I would love to bump into someone on the street wearing Krikor Jabotian.

Krikor Jabotian
Krikor Jabotian