Our Top Five Tips for a Fabulous Engagement Photo Session

The photographs of the two of you are personal, intimate photographs that are crucial in telling your love story.  Just like the wedding in general, YOU determine the style and mood of how your story is portrayed. If posed and formal photography is your thing, by all means, embrace it with gusto! Perhaps you see whimsical, romantic photos with a softness that speaks to the heart. Or, maybe you prefer an edgy, fashion-based photographic style. No matter the angle, we’re certain there’s a photographer out there for you.

Elizabeth Messina

But once you’ve selected your wedding photographer, make sure to schedule an engagement session. Engagement photography sessions allow wedding photographers the opportunity to connect with the bride and groom before their Big Day. What’s more, engagement sessions tend to be less stressful for the couple as there is less pressure on them and far less nervous energy. In fact, e-sessions are where couples learn how to be comfortable with each other in front of a camera. Which usually means there’s more chemistry and romance that comes through in the images as an accurate depiction of who you are as a couple.

Elizabeth Messina

As your photographer will tell you, there are many advantages to shooting an engagement photo session. Here are our top 5 tips for a successful engagement photo session:

1)  Venture outside. If possible, shoot the engagement session outside in natural light at a time your photographer deems best for light. Keep your mind open when it comes to locations and backdrops, letting your photographer work their magic and skill into something you’ll treasure.

2)  Don’t over do it. While you may be willing to go all over town for your photos, focus on three locations. You only have so much time to get the right mood, the right expressions, the fabulous light. And, more than likely, you’re working with a certain amount of time your photographer planned for the shoot. Use the time wisely. Avoid rushing from place to place. The overall experience will also be more enjoyable and natural for the three of you. (Including your photographer, of course).

3)  Remember the plan. If you intend to use the engagement photos for a guest book at the wedding, framed photo gifts to your parents, or a filmed montage lead in to your first dance, make sure to think of these uses when planning the shoot. For example, some photographers might take more sequenced shots to place in a row; or some might look for more variety in locations.

4)  Create a mood. Talk to each other, share your day, tease and joke to get back to a comfortable, relaxed interaction level that can be caught on film. When that fails, dance. That usually gets you close naturally, and then it’s just a matter of moments before the kissing and hugging ensues.

5)  Have a backup plan. You know how things go, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. If you show up at your favorite location and it’s closed for whatever reason, what do you do? Having a backup photo plan is important for avoiding the panic of finding a new location on-the-spot. The possibility of a museum closing, inclement weather, and traffic/road closures are also things to consider in your planning.