Monique Lhuillier Bridal 2015: Ready To Wed

As timeless and treasured as beautifully cut gems, Monique Lhuillier’s Fall 2015 Bridal Collection draws its inspiration from the fantastical whimsy, charm and decadence of a jewelry box.  Encrusted with gems, each piece more beautiful and glimmering than the one before, the trinkets of a jewelry box are much like each intricate, stunning Lhuillier gown that spills onto the runway.  It’s as if Lhuillier is gently opening the mirrored lid of this fantasy jewelry box and inviting fashionistas near and far to peek inside at an unprecedented treasure.  Each gown is presented as a precious keepsake, stunning in a surreal beauty all its own, while a perfectly poised ballerina pirouettes en pointe to her own lilting melody.

Lhuillier’s Fall 2015 collection is comprised of gowns that are effortless and wistful.  Uber-feminine, yet ensconced with a subtle glamour.  From soft, sheer sheaths with exaggerated trains to embroidered trumpet silhouettes to grandiose gowns enthrallingly embellished, each garment is a cherished addition to the jewel box.  Pastel hues of barely-there mint, luscious lavender, pretty primrose and a bashful shade of blush add a subtle twist to tradition.  As soft and lilting as a watercolor wash, the delicate tonal variations alluringly achieved through layers of silk tulle and laces are a beautiful surface for the interplay of tides of intricate beading that ebb and flow across the surface of the gowns.  Delicate Chantilly and re-embroidered laces ensure that each gown is as distinctive as it is exquisite, transforming these garments from gowns into personal treasures.

Find featured below a few of the most dreamy Lhuillier looks we’ve encountered.  Peek inside the jewelry box with us:

Images in the photo collage:


With an elegant trumpet-silhouette, this Anouk ivory gown with hints of blush tulle pooling in the full, flowing skirt is decadently embellished throughout the bodice.  Re-embroidered lace trickles down along the skirt, seamlessly uniting the femininely romantic bodice with the cascading waves of tulle.  Lovely for the classic bride who dreams of a twist on the all-too-usual strapless number.  This gown evokes romance, sophistication and elegant allure.


We are enamored with this classic, royal and unabashedly reserved A-line gown.  With Elizabeth Rose gold-embroidered tulle illusion sleeves and neckline, the gown portrays a wistful spirit of romanticism.  Flowing layers of tulle and delicate detailing along hemline and bodice create a serene symphony of style and poised prettiness.  Fit for a queen.


A scrumptious shade of pistachio, this gown is embellished with golden beading and sequins to add a touch of magic to its silken folds as the light massages the surface of the gown.  The tiered handkerchief skirt is whimsical and decadent simultaneously, while the embellished tulle wrap creates a cloud-like wistfulness about the neck and shoulders, as if the wearer is moving through a delicate mist of barely-there pistachio perfection.  A golden headpiece with inspired floral detailing is the crowning delight in this ensemble.


Freya Ivory Chantilly lace creates a long, ladylike sheath of a bodice for this unique garment.  Flaring into a soft whirlwind of embroidered Spanish tulle, this trumpet gown is both demure and daring.  An illusion neckline adds interest as the gown moves from a barely-there lacy overlay to swirling yards of sumptuously playful tulle.  For the modern, discerning bride who loves to turn heads while seemingly playing it safe.


Oozing with elegance, this primrose-hued number is embellished with smatterings of exquisitely placed beading and sequins, and features a point d’esprit illusion neckline.  A true ballgown with detachable embellished tulle train, Lhuillier exhibits quiet decadence and ladylike charm with this gown.  Every brush of the luxurious layers seems to elicit whispered sweet nothings. For the romantic at heart, lovers of all things pink and those who swoon over old-world glam.

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