J. Scheer & Co: Bridal At Its Most Beautifully-Preserved Best

For J. Scheer & Co., preserving a bride’s wedding day gown is not only about the process of preservation, but it is also about the art of preserving memories to last an entire lifetime- and beyond.  Jonathan Scheer and his team of experts understand the relationship between a bride and her gown, and every step they take to carefully and beautifully preserve a gown reflects their deep knowledge of fabrics and couture materials as well as the sentimental value and importance a bride’s most beloved possession embodies.

Meticulous and immaculate preservation is keenly necessary to keep gowns from aging and deteriorating at a rapid rate.  Jonathan Scheer’s team takes incredible strides to ensure that the work they are doing will best serve each particular gown.  “Just as every bride is unique, so is every dress,” his team notes.  A thorough written plan and evaluation is created for each gown in which stains that are even imperceptible to the naked eye are treated and removed.  Wedding cake, perfume, perspiration, champagne- all appear in sometimes trace amounts on the fabric of one’s gown, and each must be meticulously removed in order for proper preservation to ensue.

Not only does Scheer treat bridal gowns, Scheer’s team is incredibly well known in premiere fashion houses as well as in historic institutions and museums for their treatment and conservation of fashion samples, couture designs and heirloom textiles.  Fashion greats such as Amsale, Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta implicitly trust Scheer’s team to care for their most luxurious and precious garments.  Additionally, institutions such as the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, the Carnegie Museums, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg fully rely on Scheer’s expertise and techniques for preserving incredible works of textile art.

With the skill, techniques and experience to protect and preserve bespoke garments, Scheer offers a valuable service at which so few are truly skilled.  His care and craftsmanship itself is truly a couture service all its own.  In a world where the loveliness of the past seems all too often forgotten or easily discarded, J. Scheer & Co. have developed a beautiful tradition of preserving and honoring the items in life that remind us of the most beautiful of moments.