How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Location

Your wedding to-do list may be daunting at first glance, but let us help you simplify things by simply prioritizing! One of the very first items that you should check off the list is securing your wedding day venue. Your choice in venue will determine the tone of the entire wedding- style, theme, color palette, decor and so forth. Once selected, your venue will help you to determine all of these secondary wedding day details and you will really begin to see your dreams take shape.

If finding your perfect wedding venue still seems to be too tall of an order, use our insightful tips below to help you and your fiancé settle on the most ideal location for tying the knot. Pair our thoughtful tidbits with your instincts, and you’ll walk away feeling settled and savvy- with one important item ticked off the list.

1.First Impressions. Don’t be swift to settle for the first site you love. Be sure to visit several venues and take notes, so that each venue is clearly defined in your mind. Pay close attention to the way you feel when you first walk into the venue. Your guests will encounter the same sensations, so be sure to consider that when choosing between several venue options.

2.Questions at the Ready. Prepare a list of all the details you’ll need to know and ask the venue coordinator these important questions when you visit the property. Don’t forget to inquire as to what the maximum number of guests that can fit into the space will be. What sorts of venue restrictions have been implemented? Who will you be working with during the wedding planning process? Will that person be present at your wedding and for last-minute details?

3.Envision the Space. At the time of your visit, stand in the space and visualize where each activity will take place. Can you see yourself tying the knot here? Cutting the wedding cake? Engaging in your first dance?

Pay attention to little details. For example, determine where food and drink are to be served and what the bathrooms are like. Will there be ample space for dancing? Is the venue easy to get to or is it out of the way? Determine the location of power sockets- this will be vital to everything from entertainment to atmospheric lighting.

4.Park It. Ask the coordinator at the venue what parking options are available to you and your guests. Be sure to find out whether guests may park themselves and whether or not valet parking is an option. If it is, are there extra fees for the service? If parking at the venue seems as though it might be tedious, make sure the site is near a good parking garage or big, empty (safe) street where it is legal to park. For city weddings, consider offering a shuttle of some sort to ensure that guests will have easy transportation between the wedding venue and reception location.

5.Request a Contract. Before signing on the dotted line, ask the venue for a carefully detailed invoice listing everything you will be charged for. Read over the contract carefully. Be sure to ask whether or not there are any hidden costs before you sign your dream into reality.