Don't Forget to Keep Your Makeup Bag Handy on the Big Day!

Every bride needs easy {and lightening fast} access to her makeup on her wedding day!

Between emotional tears, constant kisses, periodic eating, and burning up the dance floor, your makeup is bound to need a touch-up. If not several!  Find a sweet little evening bag like Judith Lieber’s Brooke Organza Clutch to stash your basic MUST HAVE styling tools or have your wedding planner, bridal stylist or trusted bridesmaid keep them handy. We love this particular clutch as it’s feminine, frilly and elegant with its layers of organza flounces and pale blue satin lining.


At the very least you should have quick access to your lipstick and/or lip gloss, pressed powder, and a small, retractable powder brush. Also, you may wish to include a clean makeup sponge just in case you need to smooth out any areas of your foundation makeup. Oil blotting papers, a couple cotton swabs (sensational for lipstick, eye shadow and mascara fine-tuning), breath mints and Kleenex complete your list of must-haves that need to squeeze in your pretty little bag.

{Judith Lieber’s Brooke Evening Bag is available at Bergdorf-Goodman in New York or at Judith Lieber.}