Dare to Bare with Jenny Packham’s Latest Luxurious Lingerie

Sexy, stylish and ethereal, Jenny Packham’s latest lingerie collection is unspeakably gorgeous.  Inspired by a sense of timeless elegance and crafted with an obvious 1930s influence, the designs are fresh, textured and varied enough to suit a variety of palates, yet maintain a chic cohesion.

Boudoir has never felt so decadent.  Black lace paired with neutral French pinks and muted lavenders feels Spring-like but more sophisticated than the dated pastel-palette.  Hints of skin beneath layers of lace and silk create a tantalizing aesthetic, enhanced by layering sheer, dreamy robes over lighter chemises. We love how this collection runs the whole gamut, from feeling overtly feminine with feathers and lace to transforming into neat, tom-boyish lines with heavy cuffs and contrasting trim.

Jenny Packham plays up the essence of textures, not content to rely solely on the classic silks and chiffons alone.  The addition of fringe, feathers and lace takes this collection to a daring new level.  We also applaud the bold use of extensive floral patterning in sharp contrast to other dainty, monochrome ensembles.

Get flirtatious this season with a number of these playful selections.  Enhance your femininity with elegant options or feel luxuriously free in a silken romper.  With the variety and ease that Jenny Packham’s latest collection affords, you can take you pick- and rest assured you’ll look exquisite no matter which route you take.

Check out some of our absolute favorite looks from the collection below!

Jenny Packham Lingerie
Jenny Packham
Jenny Packham