Charming Wedding Car Ideas

When booking your wedding day transportation think about what kind of statement you want to make. Select a ride that matches your wedding day style and makes an impressive entrance. Are you having a classic black-tie wedding? You could rent a Rolls-Royce for your big day. Whatever type of wedding you’re having, there are plenty of unique ways that your can arrived in style at your wedding. Here are a few of our favorite wedding transportation ideas.

Setting Sail:

A romantic boat ride can be the perfect getaway vehicle for a beach wedding. Especially, if you’re eloping or justing having a small, intimate ceremony.

White Vintage Bentley Limo:

Carrie Rodman Photography

This vintage classic is perfect for a black-tie fete. You can keep it simple or adorn your ride with gorgeous flowers or a garland to make it more you.


Emily Weis Photography

Runaway together in a helicopter! The bride can arrive to the ceremony in this fashionable ride or both bride and groom can end the night in style by using the helicopter as their getaway car. Either way your guests will be impressed!

Ski Lift:

IN Photography

That’s ONE way to arrive at your wedding! Your entire wedding party and guests can take part on this fun way to get your big day.

Cinderella’s Carriage:

Colin Cowie Weddings

Even if you’re not getting married in a castle, incorporate a little bit of magic into your special day by arriving in a Cinderella-inspired carriage. And you’ll lived happily ever after.


People Magazine

Even celebs get creative with their wedding transportation. Not only did Solange Knowles wore a unique wedding attire, but she arrived to her nuptials in a bridal white bike decorated with roses. Her husband Alan Ferguson rode a matching one without decorations.

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