Big Entertainment On the Level of Luxe: Rock With U’s Edgy Fusion of Passion & Sonorous Sophistication

In the arena of luxe entertainment, South Florida has lucked out as the home of Rock With U’s innovative sound and high quality vibe.  Fresh and insightful, owner and founder Ross Bielejeski has come up with an incredible mixture of live band and DJ-ed entertainment called Fusion, which will keep your guests moving and create memories that are lasting.  After over a decade in the industry, and with Rock With U at the forefront of what’s hot for wedded luxe, Ross offered to share a little of his expertise with us.

Wedding decor, food and fashion trends are ever-changing- and so are wedding entertainment trends.  It just takes an expert, like Ross, to pinpoint these trends and to transform an event from ‘fun’ to ‘unforgettable’, simply through creating a stellar, entertaining atmosphere.  What will people like?  How do you find a vetted entertainer who is also engaging enough to keep your guests on the dance floor throughout the night?

Read on for coveted insight from Ross and Rock With U– you’ll be so glad you took a few minutes to help shape the course of your entire event!

Rock With U Entertainment

TBC:  Tell us a little about your background.  What did you do before music, or has it always been music for you?

RB:  I grew up in a small farm town, Kearney, Missouri, about 30 minutes north of Kansas City.  Growing up, I played every sport possible and dabbled with choir.  I didn’t get into emceeing, hosting and deejaying until I moved to Florida in 2001.

TBC:  Who (or what) inspired you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

RB:  I have always had a strong interest in the entertainment industry but, it wasn’t the “cool” thing to do in a farm town.  After I moved to Florida, I felt like I could finally pursue my dreams and not worry about what others thought.

TBC:  Tell us about the specific entertainment services you provide, especially your bridal offerings.

RB:  My company, Rock With U, aims to transform the perception of conventional entertainment into a more contemporary and sophisticated experience.  Our staple is adding live musicians to the DJ to give people the versatility of DJ music but the elements of a live band.  Best of both worlds.  The group is called Fusion.  Fusion groups can be arranged in a 3 piece or 15 piece group.  We also offer DJs, String Trios-Quintets, Truvibe (jazz/funk band), and hosts/emcees.  All options are great with weddings.

TBC:  How long have you been in the industry?

RB:  I have been in the entertainment industry for 13 years.  I have had Rock With U for the last  4 years.

Rock With U

TBC:  What are you known for that sets you apart from other industry mainstays?

RB:  Our staple, and what we are known for, is our unique DJ/Live Band hybrid, Fusion.  If you want the versatility of a DJ with the elements of a live band, Fusion is perfect for you.

TBC:  What is the top reason that brides and grooms select Rock With U Entertainment to perform at their weddings?

RB:  We pride ourselves on being edgy, fresh, hip, and having sophisticated and tasteful energy.  Brides love the fact that they can hire a group of young talent who know how to orchestrate a modern wedding in a fashionable and tasteful way while staying away from cliches and being scripted or predictable.

TBC:  What advice would you give a newly engaged couple about selecting wedding day music?

RB:  Though I am a little biased, I would say do not cheap out on your entertainment.  Whether you hire Rock With U or someone else, you should set your budget to a number that will get you the best entertainment possible, and that can carry the weight of the night.  I see so many brides focus on elements of weddings that “people never remember.”  Guests remember three things about a wedding:  one, how great the bride looked, two, whether the food was good or bad and three, how much fun they had on the dance floor.

Rock With U Entertainment

TBC: What are the most popular First Dance Songs currently requested?

RB:  Hard to say!  Luckily all our clients choose something a little different and relatable to their relationships.

TBC:  Do you find that couples still by and large engage in a First Dance?

RB:  Yes, this formality is one of the few that is still popular and always performed.

TBC:  What are some unexpected ways that people incorporate music into their ceremonies?

RB:  I love incorporating the popcorn effect.  Throughout the ceremony, we will have different music elements pop up throughout the guest seating and play certain songs for the occasion.  It’s all about the wow factor and element of surprise.

Rock With U Entertainment

TBC:  What music request always surprises you?

RB:  Electric Slide.  Really?  People still want that?

TBC:  What’s the most incredible wedding entertainment package you’ve produced recently? What made it so spectacular?

RB:  We created an experience for a recent bride and groom where there were entertainment elements at the valet when they arrived to the venue, then more entertainment as they walked to the ceremony.  Throughout the ceremony, we incorporated the popcorn effect entertainment.  Immediately following the couple’s ‘I dos’, $100k worth of fireworks went off over the ocean.  An 8 piece Truvibe jazz/funk band played for cocktail hour, then our 15 piece Fusion band entertained at the reception.  During the reception there was dry ice, concert trussing for days with LED icicles hanging from the ceiling, a rose wall the size of my house, and so much more.  Insane!

TBC:  What is your favorite part about being in the entertainment world?

RB:  The best part is the high you get from making someone’s day.  Nothing better.

TBC:  Is there ever a moment when you start to feel a bit of stage fright, even after performing at hundreds of weddings?

RB:  I get nervous before every gig.  Whether it’s for 50 people or 10,000 people, I get the same type of nerves.  The second I don’t get the nerves is when it’s time to throw in the towel and call it quits.

Rock With U Entertainment

TBC: What is imperative for brides and grooms to keep in mind when researching entertainment companies?

RB:  In order to judge a DJ, you need to experience a full length event with him/her.  It’s like watching a movie.  You can’t watch a movie for 10 minutes and understand the story and why things are happening.  If you watch a DJ for 10 minutes, you will be quick to judge.  If you watch  a DJ for a full party and assess what the current audience is doing, you can then have an accurate call on the DJ.

TBC:  When the energy in the room isn’t grooving, what’s your go-to, ‘gets ‘em dancing every time,’ tune?

RB:  Anything with a groove.  Nothing too fast or too slow.  Something around the 115 bpm range.  Good choices are Blurred Lines, Treasure, Billie Jean.

TBC:  What’s the secret to packing the dance floor at a wedding?

RB:  Intimate room, not too much real estate for the crowd to get lost in.  Then, of course, knowing what to play, when to play, how long to play the song, when to mix the song, etc.

TBC:  When you’re not performing and you actually have the chance, where do you go to get your entertainment fix?

RB:  My couch.  My life is an event and the last thing I want to do is go to another event when I’m off.  Hanging with my wife, dog KC, and cat Jasmine is good for me!

TBC:  What’s your all-time favorite musical artist or album? Why does it stand out for you?

RB:  Pitbull.  Every song he does is so hype and extremely danceable.  There are so many artists I love, but Pitbull’s songs make my job easy!

TBC:  What do you wish you’d have known 5 years ago that you know now?

RB:  The business knowledge I have.  Five years ago I only knew the “show” part of show business.  Now, I finally understand the business side of “show business.”

Rock With U Entertainment

TBC:  What wedding music trends do you see developing for 2014?

RB:  More lounge seating, classy food stations, and less sitting down for an extended period of time.

TBC:  What are you most excited about at the moment?

RB:  Three years ago I was working out of my house trying to make a name for myself and Rock With U.  Today, we are the south Florida industry leader for luxury entertainment.

TBC:  What’s next for Rock With U Entertainment? Can you share a new project that you’re excited about?

RB:  If I told you, I would have to