Beguiling Bridal: Berta Collection 2015

In 2014, Berta, the Israeli icon designer, took bridal by storm.  With picture-perfect silhouettes, dazzling design elements and sumptuous silks at her command, Berta has pinned, stitched and appliquéd her way towards the most astonishing Berta Collection yet.  The new 2015 Collection is truly remarkable, with gowns unlike those of any other currently-celebrated designer.  Berta’s most recent look has captivated both the minds and imaginations of the global bridal market.

The true cornerstone of Berta’s design success is her keen eye for fashion.  Departing nearly entirely from her 2014 Collections, Berta has developed a fresh line that is inspired by the ferocity and exuberance of Mother Nature, yet remains tenderly nostalgic, infused with remnants of an old world luxury.  These two aesthetics combine to give birth to a style that is as original as it is appealing.  Those with a fondness for the past and a flair for the modern will find in Berta a satisfying balance.

As a veteran designer, this collection embodies Berta’s return to her roots- a true stroke of brilliance.  Taking what was well-loved in her previous collections and bringing in sleek, modern elements and lacy textures which are all the rage up and down the world’s hottest aisles today, Berta’s ability to span the gap between her past successes and present Collection has certainly been an artist’s quest to follow her heart.  In the end, Berta  has managed to style the aisle effectively while staying true to her art.

Intricately cut fabrics, sheer backs and necklines and details that are extraordinary make each Berta gown a garment worthy of the sort of adoration a bride feels for her dream-day dress.  Each moment of every gown is carefully constructed.  With the variety of sensuous silhouettes available, brides are able to choose from backless, plunge, illusion, or even off the shoulder options.

We’ve noticed that brides are eager to try Berta on for size, and it’s clear to see why. Berta lovingly embraces the beauty in every woman- whether a woman desires to be sensuous and chic with a long train, fine fabrics and a luxuriously plain, modern look on her wedding day or seeks to exult her femininity with sexy, romantic silhouettes and lighter fabrics abounding with surreal whimsy, a Berta gown embodies any bride’s fancy.

A head-turning sensation, Berta’s 2015 Bridal Collection is flawless.  Indulge your senses and inspire yourself to greater heights of beauty with a plunge into the depths of Berta’s Collection.  Enjoy and swoon over a few of our favorites here— your dream gown could be just a click away!

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