Will You Marry Me?

Let’s be realistic… gone are the days when a guy buys his fiancé a ring without having an idea of the type of ring his girl likes (he knows better!).

Today’s bride is typically part of the shopping experience.  In some cases brides will actually be involved in selecting their stone.  (The latter was exactly my scenario…I decided that since I was going to be wearing the ring every day of my life, I should absolutely LOVE it!).  After all, aren’t diamonds forever?

Below are the most popular cuts for Luxury Brides. Take a look and let your fingers do the talking…  Diamonds are absolutely a girl’s best friend… so let the sparkle and shine begin! EMERALD, ROUND BRILLIANT, CUSHION, ASSCHER and OVAL

We are looking at some of the leaders in the diamond ring industry who create the ultimate diamond engagement rings.  Feast your eyes on these lovelies by HARRY WINSTONDEBEERSNEIL LANE , KWIAT, and TIFFANY & CO.