What's Your Scent?

Are you sensual and sophisticated?  Flirtatious and fresh?  Sleek and chic?  Exotic and beguiling or romantic and ladylike?

Whatever your sensibilities, we have the perfect scented selections to complete your wardrobe and enhance your every ensemble.  Take a peek below and see which fragrances would most suit you- we have you covered, morning, noon and night!  Get swept away with these exhilarating elixirs.


Do you like to make a statement… but keep things subtle?  Do you have a knack for trends… yet find a way to kick each new look up a notch to polished and pretty?  We’ve found some gorgeous scents that will add the perfect finishing touch to your glamour repertoire.  Apply these pretty parfums to pressure points and watch your sensuality and sophistication soar!


Jour d’Hermès Eau de Parfum

The ultimate in femininity.  With sensual and citrus notes, the lingering sense is one of floral profusion.  Full of elegance and delicacy- make a subtle, but sophisticated, statement with this signature Hermès’ creation.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum

Complex and artful, with an intermingling of plum and pink pepper notes, Bottega Venetta’s uber-feminine fragrance exudes intrigue and sensuality.  Harmoniously blended, the sustained presence of Jasmine adds soft overtones.

Francis Kurkdjian

 Amyris for Women Eau De Parfum

A little on the exotic side, but ultimately gentle, fresh and floral.  Pretty balance of both masculine and feminine notes, eloquently intermingled.  Exist at a heightened state of alllure with a splash of Amyris on your wrists.

Elie Saab

Le Parfum Eau De Parfum Intense

Mysterious and sophisticated, Elie Saab’s latest couture fragrance exudes glamour.  Orange blossom, ylang ylang, amber, vanilla and labdanum create a fresh, warm aura full of light and the softest intensity.


Is your signature look one of luxury?  Do you have a way of adding a flirtatious edge to the mundane?  Check out these light, fresh fragrances that mingle florals with fruity, natural tones.  Lighthearted and pleasantly simplistic, we think a girl like you will find these scents to be the perfect blend of intensity and subtlety, luxuriant taste and lighthearted flirtation… be delighted!

A Dozen Roses

Amber Queen Eau de Parfum Spray

Whimsically flirtatious with luxurious floral notes, including Bengal Rose accord and the signature Rose Absolute Dozen Roses’ is admired for.  The scent maintains its freshness with fruity additions of Apricot, Clementine, Ginger and warm Amber accents.

Jo Malone London

Peony Blush Suede Cologne

A fragile, sensual scent full of exquisite florals.  Jasmine, Rose and Gily Flower interlace with vivacious Peony.  Flirtatious to the point of seduction.  A sense of delicate Suede adds luxuriant layering to the overall tone of the fragrance.

Giorgio Armani 

Prive Eclat de Jasmin Eau De Parfum

Built around the beauty and opulence of Egyptian Jasmine, Armani’s signature fragrance is intensely floral.  As scrupulously crafted as his couture garments, this scent is the epitome of luxury.  The perfect accessory for the lover of all things luxe.

Carven Le PArfum

Le Parfum Eau de Parfum

Delicate notes of Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Mandarin Blossom and White Hyacinth cater to the luxurious nature of this fine parfum.  Lighthearted and harmonious, we love the simplicity with which these beautiful florals mingle.  Perfect for the most flirtatious at heart.


Chic selections for the lady who loves to stay abreast of the most modern trends.  If you love precise lines and sleek silhouettes, we think we have you pegged.  Try these fragrances that embrace clean, subtle scents.  We think they’ll pair nicely with your minimalist wardrobe.


Eau De Parfum – Black Saffron 

Eastern influences saturate this beguiling fragrance, adding layers of intrigue to the scent of saffron.  Infused with dark, warm accents, you’ll love the beauty of Black Violet and Leather and the series of citrus-based notes of Juniper Berry and Pomelo.  Truly exquisite.

Francis Kurkdjian

Limited Edition Aqua Vitae Eau De Toilette Signed Bottle

A truly original fragrance full of spicy, sensual notes and enhanced with tender Tonka Bean and Vanilla undercurrents.  Calabrese Lemon, Mandarin and Hedione are paired in a decidedly modern fashion.

Jean Patou

Joy Forever Eau de Parfum

Timeless and sophisticated in its conception, Joy Forever is richly expressed with warm Musk, Sandalwood and Amber accents.  Elegant to the last whiff, glimmering top notes of Galbanum, Bergamot and Mandarin harmonize with Jasmine, Rose and Orris to create a sleek, modern finish.

Acqua di Parma

Acqua Nobile Iris Eau de Toilette

Chic and luminous, we find Acqua di Parma’s Eau de Toilette modern and refined.  At its center, waves of the Iris Pallida Flower are enhanced with hints of Citron, Grapefruit and Mandarin.  A sleek finish of Vanilla and Musk.


You’re the sort of woman who yearns for the unique, a taste of the unknown.  Anything extraordinary, exotic, enticing or captivating turns your head, and we’re sure these beguiling fragrances will do just that.  A perfect parfum is the finishing touch for the most refined of wardrobes.  Keep your look fresh year round with a couple of these tempting tinctures in your repertoire.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Café Rose Eau de parfum

Seductive and enticing, unexpected ingredients converge to create this refined fragrance composed of Rose, Hyacinth, Lily and Narcissus.  Fine and tastefully balanced, Café Rose is the perfect accessory for that backless gown- intoxicating!


Evening Rose Eau de Parfum

Vibrant notes of luscious Blackberry and decadent Cognac are further developed with Rose Centifolia and Bulgarian Rose Absolute.  Add to your feminine allure with this enticing tincture.  Warm and lingering, you’ll create your most memorable moments ensconced in this fragrance.

Narciso Rodriguez

For Her L’eau Eau de Toilette

Subtle and full of warmth, we love this beguiling composition of glimmering floral aspects and heady Musks.  Fragile and sensual, add the most captivating accessory to your evening ensemble with a simple spritz or two of this feminine elixir.


For the girl with the daydreams, who tends towards nostalgia.  If you love ruffles, lace, pale pinks and pastels, we know your romantic soul will fall head over heels for these astonishingly love-infused potions.  Pretty, feminine and perfectly poised, you’ll feel beautiful… and ready for love.

Serge Lutens Eau De Parfums

What is romance, if not the art of captivation?  Don this complex fragrance of Lemon Blossom, Coconut, Vanilla, Datura and Tuberose for a charming, airy aura.  Perfectly floral, beautifully feminine.


Olio Lusso Parfum

Light, lovely and ladylike.  As fresh as spring, notes of Jasmine and Neroli lend this fragrance a sense of classic romance.  We love it for early spring- you’ll feel like you’re in love for the first time all over again!


Ivoire de Balmain

The epitome of romance, we love this delicious fragrance, dripping with hints of florals and the luxuriant, fruity accents of Mandarin and Orange Essence.  This ladylike lightness is expertly countered with woody notes, bringing both masculine and feminine aspects to fruition.