What To Know Before Planning Your Destination Wedding

Chances are, if you’re a luxury bride, you’re dreaming of an exotic destination as the perfect sunset-lit backdrop for you and your groom to finally say, “I do.” Surrounded by beloved family and closest friends in a uniquely romantic atmosphere, a destination wedding allows a bride and a groom to exchange their vows in surroundings chosen expressly for the purpose of adding allure and a decadent flair to the nuptials.  A twenty-first century twist on the traditionally-styled wedding, destination weddings are now rapidly rising in popularity, and swiftly becoming the new norm.

Planning a destination wedding, however, may not necessarily be the best fit for every couple.  Before you hop a plane and soar to the exotic altar of your choice for your one-of-a-kind, intimate, destination celebration, make sure to do your homework. The key to a destination wedding panning out perfectly is prepping cleverly. From weather, date and time of year to the guest list, travel and accomodations, every detail of a destination wedding should be considered before jet-setting to the breathtaking location of choice.

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Travel & Transportation

Travel and transportation are the number one players in figuring out whether or not a destination wedding will prevail for the happy couple. When taking travel and transportation into careful consideration, figure out important aspects like airfare, local transportation and luggage fees.


Luggage is definitely one of the most important aspects to consider, simply because of the bride’s dress. Transporting a wedding dress is no easy feat, but there are options ranging from shipping the dress to sending it with a close friend or relative. Spend time looking into the option that will best suit you and the dress.

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Guest List

Guest list is another crucial factor when deciding on whether or not a destination wedding is the right fit for you. If you are looking to have a big wedding and cannot leave anyone out of attending your marriage, then a destination wedding is probably not the way to go. Whether you choose to pay for your guests’ travel arrangements or your guests must pay their own way, a destination wedding is going to cost quite a bit. Take your guests’ expenses into consideration, regardless of whether money is an obstacle or not. Also, keep in mind, if your guests must pay their own way, if the fares are awfully expensive (be sure to remember that prices will increase during particular times of year for specific destinations), and if guests must take extensive time away from work, then it will deter people from attending your nuptials.

Another issue to keep in mind is that it can be inconvenient and stressful for both elderly guests and guests with small children to travel long distances.

Date & Time of Year

Another important aspect to planning a dream destination wedding is timing.  Deciding upon your wedding date and the time of year you will hold the special event is integral to a successful destination wedding.  You must consider seasons, and what will be happening at your dream destination during your season of choice. Depending upon the location, you could be facing anything from hurricane season to crowds of tourists (which will increase the expense of your event all around, from lodging to food).  If your date is not chosen wisely, it could truly affect your wedding plans altogether- be weather conscious!


When engaging in a legally-binding marriage ceremony at a destination location, it is important to make sure that you have all paperwork out of the way long before the Big Day arrives.  Do you need a visa to enter the country you plan to visit (if overseas)?  Do you need to purchase a special marriage license?  In order to avoid last-minute stress and tears, be sure you have all proper documentation and identification, so that your wedding- and your marriage- will come off without a hitch… other than the fact that you will be happily hitched!