Upcoming Trunk Shows at Mark Ingram Bridal, New York City

Choosing your wedding gown is absolutely, one, if not THE ONE, most exciting part of your wedding! (aside from the obvious, of course). Venturing forth to your favorite bridal designer’s trunk show can really ramp up the excitement to a feverish pitch as trunk shows give brides direct access to the designer and their entire collection. The trunk show is exactly what it says, trunks of beautiful gowns delivered right to your local bridal salon for close inspection and personal consultation. A pop-up bridal shop with the designer!

Why are trunk shows important to attend? Most bridal salons only carry a handful of designs by a specific designer; yet, at a designer’s trunk show, brides are able to browse the designer’s entire collection. And, what’s more, that entire collection may not be available yet to everyone. The trunk show is the ONLY place to see it all and order it before anyone else. Add to that exclusivity the beautiful notion that you have the opportunity to consult directly with the designer and/or their representative on the gowns as well as any alterations or custom-designs for them, and it’s mind-boggling beyond your imagination!

Check out the upcoming trunks shows at Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier in Manhattan.

All events are by appointment only. Make sure to ring the Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier to secure your appointment or appointments.

Happy Shopping!