Top 10 Reasons to Prepare For Every Season of Wedded Bliss with Zola’s Sensational Registry

The twenty-first century has made creating gift registries not only a nearly stress-free experience- it has also made it a nearly pleasurable and exciting possibility!  Gone are the days of trying to find just one location to satisfy all of your style sensibilities as a couple, and services like Zola are the reason many couples are getting jazzed up about settling down.  We actually love Zola’s registry so much, we’ve listed their Top 10 reasons below to create your customized registry with Zola’s online service.   Get your home, style and aesthetic headed in the most perfectly curated direction with minimal effort and maximum organization.

1.   Registry Concierge for Curated Collections

Zola offers the ultimate in registry support for both the happy couple and guests.  Assistance with importing registries, availability of pre-curated starter collections to choose from and superior service every step of the way make selecting (and giving) gifts a cinch.

2.  Dare to Discount

Zola’s Completion Program provides a 10% discount to couples who register with Zola.  This discount is available for one entire year, beginning on the couple’s wedding day and concluding on their one-year anniversary.

3.  The Power of One

Having an entire registry in one location is a beautiful thing!  Zola couples can register for services, experiences, funds and gifts all in one spot, making the registry experience a smooth one for every party involved.

4.  Make it APP-en

It just so happens that Zola has the highest-rated registry app available.  Just a tap or a click away, the Zola App allows for easy registry management anytime, anywhere.

5.  Bonus Round

Not only does Zola make your new life together easier, it makes it more rewarding.  Special bonus gifts are given to couples with the purchase of certain items.  Couples can get more details about free items to be had here (!

6.  Honeymoon Fund Fun

The bottom line is that if a couple creates an online honeymoon fund, the online service will keep a portion of the gifted funds.  Zola has a 2.7% fee that is the lowest processing fee in the industry.  With Zola, couples get to keep more so they can spend less time concerned with honeymoon funds (details:

7.  Send Thanks

Zola makes giving thanks a super-simple task.  With just a few clicks, couples can monitor who has given what and even export a concise list of gifts and gift-givers’ addresses.

8.  The Group that Gifts Together

For registry items that are on the pricier side, Zola makes it possible for several guests to contribute towards a single gift.  This way, couples aren’t stuck with several large items left over on their registries (that they really wanted!) after all the gifts have been given.

9.  Now or Later

Couples are in complete control of their gifts with Zola.  For every gift, couples are able to choose whether they would like to have the items shipped, held in storage for later or even if they would like to have the item(s) exchanged virtually.  Talk about streamlined!  We can’t think of a better way to manage registry gifting.

10.  Its Personal

As if all these perks weren’t enough, Zola actually makes it possible for couples to completely personalize their registries.  Couples can completely customize their URLs, import photos and leave heartfelt notes for guests to peruse.  Zola is 100% dedicated to ensuring that their bespoke registry is truly all about the couples themselves