Those Special Father Moments

Happy Father’s Day!

Weddings are joyous family celebrations, and we could not help but wonder what touching stories or observations our Creative Partners have to share, particularly about fathers of the bride. Well, dear friends, we got to hear some interesting reflections and seriously endearing tales this week and thought we would share just a few of our favorites with you:

“In weddings, the most touching father moments for me are the ones that tug on the heart-strings. The father who tears up at the sight of his little girl in her wedding gown, the ones who are strong but can’t hold it together for the father-daughter dance or even more so, the memorials to the ones that are no longer with us. Currently, we have a bride marrying on Father’s Day whose dad passed away this year. The memorial includes a plaque on a tree stump covered in moss, under two over-arching floral trees, a dried rose from his casket and a view of the dance floor where he can watch his little girl’s every spin around the room. It’s got me teary-eyed already! “  Crystal Adair-Benning, Distinct Occasions

“The father of one of our dearest brides gave an incredible toast at the reception in which he recounted writing his daughter a letter about marriage after her birth listing all the qualities and attributes he would hope her husband to have (be kind, smart, an eagle scout, dog lover…) all of which were the groom’s life story and as the speech went on it became evident that the letter to the daughter was not written after her birth, but rather specifically as a testament to how happy the father was with his son in law.”  Emilie Dulles, Dulles Designs

“The most touching Father/Daughter moment I have ever seen at a wedding was when the father of the bride was aging, and confined to a wheelchair.  We hadn’t planned on a father/daughter dance, of course, given the situation.  Toward the end of the evening, the band began to play a particularly sentimental song, and the father stood up, and with a very unsteady gate walked a few steps towards his daughter and they danced.  It lasted only a half minute or so, but there was not a dry eye in the house.  Apparently it was a moment he was not willing to miss!”  Debbie Geller, Geller Events

“After literally hundreds of trips down the aisle, father-daughter dances and father of the bride speeches I have seen so much unconditional and overwhelming love and sincere moments that I could write a novel.  Last fall though, I had a family that was completely in love with the celebration of marriage. The father of the bride threatened for months that when he got to the end of the aisle with his daughter that he was going to walk right out the side door with her and walk her down again, just so that he could have that walk one more time.  Of course, he didn’t when it came down to that day.  But I confess, I did actually wonder if he would because he joked about it so many times over the year and perhaps I was even a little disappointed that he didn’t.  Later that evening, after they danced to Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy, he said it, that he wished that he had walked her down again.  It was that moment that I realized how truly amazing those few moments were for him and all dads.  I’ll never watch a walk down the aisle the same way again.”  Kelly McWilliams, Weddings by Socialites

“I love to watch father’s and daughter’s dance together at weddings.  The way they hold themselves, touch and look at each other tells volumes of their relationship.   The bond between a father and daughter is very special, being chosen to capture those emotions and freeze them in time is one of the biggest honors I get to have every weekend.”  Andy Marcus, Fred Marcus Photography

“It’s always touching to see a seemingly tough gentleman break into tears (and into pieces) when he first glances at his daughter dressed as a bride and walks her down the aisle. It is by far my favorite part; I just love to see the look on the father’s face. It’s all about the meaning of that special moment when his baby is taking her own path. I am not a parent but I can definitely relate to that feeling.” Sarai Flores, Signature Event Consulting & Design 

“One thing I love to encourage my brides is to do a Father/Daughter first look.  It is so unbelievably special to see a father seeing his daughter in her wedding gown for the first time before he gives his daughter away.  This private moment can be done in the bridal suite after the bride gets ready, but before she goes to see her groom for their first look.  It’s a moment to remember for a lifetime.”  Heather Lowenthal, Posh Parties

{Photo by DFW Events and Edmonson Weddings}