The Bridal Circle is finally here!

The long awaited time has come! Months turned to weeks that turned to days and then to hours, and now it’s here.  We are so elated to share the new website and to finally unveil her to the rest of the world! My mother always told me “Good things come to those who wait” and indeed they do!

The new, fabulous website is full of glam and style, and I can’t wait for you to begin perusing.  However, before you begin the tour, please let me give you some background information about The Bridal Circle.

The Bridal Circle is the online “go to” resource guide for couture wedding finds, featuring elite vendors that provide luxury products and exceptional service. We rebranded from our old website, Bridal Couture Closet, in order to “take it to another level” (a quote from Simon Bailey that very much resonated with me after our meeting).

I love weddings!  This statement should not come as a surprise to anyone that already knows me.  But when it comes to luxury weddings….I have to admit that I might be just a bit obsessive.  Truthfully speaking, I love the energy and excitement of a newly engaged woman who is about to embark on one of the most grueling, and yet most exciting journey of her life …the planning of her wedding.

The Bridal Circle wants to remove all of the stress and anxiety that comes with planning your important day!  We want to remove the heavy burden from your shoulders and make your experience as painless as possible.  At this most exciting time, allow us to do what we do best!  Let us do all the dirty work and provide you with nothing but fabulous ideas and inspirations!

When you look back at this time of your life, we want you to remember your journey as one filled with excitement and love…not stress and anxiety.  That is why The Bridal Circle was born.

This has truly been a labor of love which we are continuing to nurture and grow.  The Bridal Circle has lots of surprises in store for you and our elite vendors…so stay tuned!  

Let’s begin our tour with a flashback in time…

The Vendor Directory, Before:

The Blog: Before


And A New Blog:

There are too many new features to review so we will just hi-light a few and leave you to explore on your own.

Enhanced Post Functionality:

We have made it easy for all of you to share images and post with just a click or a simple roll over.  See an image you like and want to share or save it?  Simply roll over the image in the blog and save it, Tweet it, Facebook it, or pin it.  You can also do all of the above with an entire post by clicking on any of the below social media icons.

Real Weddings:  We will now feature real, current weddings.

Inspiration Boards: We provide ideas and inspirations.

Fascinations: I post everything that fascinates me…from weddings, to fashion, to food, to destinations, etc.

We still have more add-ons and some tweaks to make here and there, and a welcome cash giveaway, but The Bridal Circle has lots of surprises in store for you and our elite vendors…so stay tuned and ride along with us through our journey…

Have a question or a comment?  Would love to hear from you!!!