The Beauty and Tradition of Mexico Awaits You at One & Only Resorts, Palmilla

With a culture rich in colorful and historical tradition, Mexico is overflowing with awe-inspiring locales for a destination wedding, and the service and hospitality is embedded with a genuine “welcome home” that overwhelms you as soon as you reach the gates of the One & Only Palmilla, Los Cabos.

Donald Akin, Director of Sales, and Arianna OCampo, Wedding Planner, have assisted in planning dozens of weddings at this breath-taking oceanfront resort and always feel that adding an authentic Mexican tradition to your ceremony leaves couples and their guests with a true sense of the charm and graciousness of Mexico.

Many of Mexico’s wedding traditions, such as the Lasso described below, date back to the Aztec times of the 14th and 15th century.

The Wedding Lasso

With its historic origins in Spain, the wedding lasso is traditionally a rope, cord or double rosary in the form of a figure 8.  Representing the symbol of infinity, the lasso is placed over the heads of the wedding couple after the exchange of vows by the officiant, friends or family members.   Lassoing is a symbolic declaration and signifies the couple’s voluntarily binding of themselves together before family, friends and God.  As a more contemporary and colorful twist on this old tradition, the One & Only Palmilla has the lasso custom made with cymbidium orchids and green foliage.