Starwood Hotels’ Dreamy Escapes Around the Globe For Honeymoon Perfection


When dreaming of your ideal honeymoon escape, do visions of expansive beaches, exceedingly luscious gardens and terraces or romantically historic locales tickle your fancy?  Not only is a desirable getaway about your latitude- it’s about the property at which you choose to stay; the atmosphere and ambiance created.  It’s about gorgeously appointed great rooms, accessible courtyards, exquisite cuisine and luxurious service.

We have found that no matter where we touch down on the globe, Starwood Hotel properties are some of our very favorite destinations.  Always the epitome of elegance, refinement and refreshment, Starwood Hotels boast exclusive properties, indulgent spas and vistas that are otherworldly.  Whether you dream of relaxing poolside or of tucking yourselves away in a stately suite to enjoy the first days of your wedded life, Starwood Hotels are known for attending to the most minute details and accommodating the slightest whims.  Their butler services are absolutely unprecedented in professionalism and flawless service.

A few of our favorite Starwood Hotel destinations include the exemplary St. Regis Bal Habour in Miami, the exotic St. Regis Doha in Qatar, and the ideally situated tropical paradise of the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico.  The St. Regis Monarch Beach, California, is a rejuvenating location which features an exclusive golf course and brilliant coastal vistas, while the St. Regis Bali Resort, a world away, features a swimmable lagoon, a recreational Water Sports Center and seductive villas offering spacious, private indoor and outdoor living.   If you’re off to Mexico for your nuptials, the St. Regis Punta Mita is a remarkable hotel selection, with myriad offerings for an adventurous stay or a relaxing one- whatever your delight.

Other breath-taking destinations make our list, but rest assured, whatever your flavor, whatever your whim, Starwood Hotels have the most wondrous global selections for wherever your honeymoon may take you.  We were excited to discover, as well, that couples who host their weddings at participating Starwood Hotels have the opportunity to earn points towards free honeymoon nights.  We love this offering- what an incredible opportunity for luxe brides to have not only the sort of wedding that dreams are made of, but to have the honeymoon of their dreams to accompany it!  Absolutely priceless.

Every bride deserves to experience priceless honeymoon perfection, wherever on the globe she and her love decide to hideaway for the first adventure of their wedded lives.  We can assure you, without hesitation, that a dreamy tryst with a Starwood Hotel is absolutely the key to unlocking a lifetime of beautiful memories as man and wife.