How to Spread the News, You're Engaged!

His mischievous little smile has given it away for the last week and he’s popped the question!  Now, you need to shout it from the rooftops and share the happy news that you’re officially engaged! But how? The way you share your engagement to your family and friends should say a little (or a lot) about you as a couple. Sure, you can pop the announcement into the local newspaper, but what about revealing the big news in another way too?

Host a Fabulous Party!

If you and your fiance are known for throwing the best parties, why not announce your engagement by hosting an engagement party? You could even keep the announcement as a secret! But that means you’ll have to keep the secret long enough to get your invitations out and your party planned. Hmmm, we think a champagne toast is in order all around!

Say it with a Photo!

So much can be shared with photographs, from simple photos of the ring on your finger to telling the whole story of the proposal in a photo collage or album. You can then post the photos online, on a wedding blog you’ve magically started, on your social media accounts, or just pop it into a mass email. And you know, wedding photographers are more than happy to capture the magic proposal moment and/or an entire engagement session that can be shared in a myriad of lovely ways.

Send Out a Formal Announcement

Keep it classic, keep it traditional but dress up formal engagement announcements in a modern fashion. You can even incorporate some of those fantastic photographs. And, if you’re really organized and on the ball, let them double as save-the-date notices. It’s an opportunity to make your first dramatic statement as a couple, so go for it!

{Photos courtesy of our Creative Partners, Lisa Lefkowitz, Kevin Weinstein, Elizabeth MessinaJeremie Barlow Photography, Elizabeth Messina and Jeremie Barlow Photography.}