Spotlight on Jeremie Barlow {Fine Art Destination Photography}

Fine art photographer Jeremie Barlow clearly enjoys capturing weddings and other significant, meaningful, emotion-laden events in people’s lives and creating art from them. She travels extensively all over the world photographing weddings and wedding-related events, focusing on discerning, savvy couples who care a great deal about detail and documentary photography. Her clients also care deeply about the final product, and turn to Jeremie for an amazing album and fabulous fine-art prints. What we love about her work, and we know you will too, is that you can truly feel the moment in every photograph. And, whether they’re laid out together in a collection or experienced individually, each image conveys the journey deeply. One can really see that’s Jeremie’s goal is to provide beautiful images that artfully capture the wedding day, and, in 50 years, will transport you back in time just by opening your album.

We asked Jeremie to share her process, her inspiration and her thoughts on wedding photography. Take a look…

{THE BRIDAL CIRCLE}:  What inspired you to get into photography?

{Jeremie Barlow}:  My father and aunt were both professional photographers.  I grew up with a darkroom in my house and yet  I never thought I would be a photographer. I went through five years of a doctoral program for psychology at Syracuse University.

And then after marriage and two babies I had a health scare.  It changed everything.  Suddenly it was clear as day what I needed to do.  I started studying photography full force.  I have never been happier and never looked back.  My training in psychology is invaluable to how I shoot and how I approach client relationships.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What can a couple expect when working with you?

{Jeremie}:  First of all… expect fun!  I look at life as a gift and always see an opportunity to laugh.  I approach the client-photographer relationship differently than most… I am not looking simply for pretty…. I am in search of art… art has meaning… art speaks to the core of who we are… of our relationships… our culture… and a wedding is the perfect venue to capture that essence… I am lucky to have the training, the life experience to do that.

We all enter this industry because we love having the opportunity to define the emotion our couples feel through art and design.  It truly is what motivates us.  I feel like the photographer is charged with defining the legacy of that day.  For the caterer and the designer and the planner.  And most importantly for the couple. I am very intense about capturing those things the right way so that the entire day is translated into images. I want to know you… know what emotion you hope to feel on your wedding day and also fifty years from now…. when you look back at my images.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What is your photography process?

{Jeremie}:  I am a bit ridiculous where my process is concerned.  I realize some photographers can shoot 40 weddings a year, but I can’t.  I get very involved with each image that you see.  I have clients come to me a few years later and ask about an image and I still remember the exact image.  I treat every image as it’s own little story.  I take a substantial amount of time editing images which is why I limit the number of clients I take on each year

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  How would you describe your photography style?

{Jeremie}:  My goal is to capture the client’s experience.  Not to stick to a certain style.  If I had to describe my greatest strength I would say it is probably the ability to observe keenly and capture  emotion in an artful way.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What lessons did you learn along the way during this process?

{Jeremie}:  I think one of the most important lessons I have learned is that my job is not only to be an “artiste” and take photographs that express my OWN world view.  I also represent the work of countless vendors.  A huge goal of mine is to capture their work in a way that is not only useful to and representative of what they do… but also within the context of the event… typically in ten minutes flat!  It’s always a challenge but I love working in a fast paced setting full of challenges.

Jeremie Barlow

I have also learned as I have improved at my craft just how invaluable it is to hire professionals who are vetted and who bring with them the expertise and the artistic chops to really execute your vision.  No second chances!

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  Describe your photography style in three words.

{Jeremie}:  Intimate…soulful…emotive… artful. Oops, that was four words.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What is your favorite part of the wedding that you like to capture?

{Jeremie}:  Impossible to say.

I had a DJ tell me once that I am the hardest working photographer he has ever seen.  The reason is that I am still charged up at the end of the reception.  I am excited because your friends are funny and they are dancing and your uncle joins in… and those are amazing parts of your day!  I really do enjoy being there for all of it.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What advice would you give to newly engaged couple about photography?

{Jeremie}:  This is an important question. Here is my advice:  There are so many photographers and blogs and magazines.  It’s hard to know who to choose.

DO NOT be swayed towards someone who did a “cute” shoot… or who used a prop and a vintage wash to literally prop up their photography.  It’s the people who can reproduce solid results for you and other clients over and over and do it WELL that you should look into hiring.  It’s too easy to cover up bad photography with a vintage wash or… similarly… the lack of an artist’s eye with ‘cutting edge’ photographic equipment.

Look for people who have been chosen by the industry… who have a reputation and who are vetted by their peers.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What is your greatest joy?

{Jeremie}:  That’s an easy two beautiful baby boys… who are 8 and 10 and almost as tall as me. I am widowed, raising them on my own and they bring me joy every single day of my life.  I gave them both cameras for Christmas this year and I love traveling the world with them teaching them about photography and life.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  When you travel, what are your favorite things to take with you?

{Jeremie}:  As a destination photographer I have gotten pretty good at knowing exactly what to bring on my travels.  A travel blanket/pillow for your flights are essential as you arrive well rested and ready to go.  And of course… my iPad!

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What is your necessary extravagance or guilty pleasure?

{Jeremie}:  I grew up playing soccer and field hockey but discovered dancing (too) late in life.  I love my Zumba and hip hop classes and I am pretty sure the people next to me love getting a kick out of my ‘dancing’.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What do you like most about being a destination photographer?

{Jeremie}:  Destination weddings give me an opportunity to spend real time with all of the guests.  By the time the wedding day rolls around everyone is friends… your grandmother and your roommate from college.  It’s extremely fun to photograph a destination wedding because I know people better and I have observed relationships so I am able to predict moments on the wedding day more easily. (and who can complain about shooting at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica!)

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What is your favorite city?

{Jeremie}:  NEW YORK!!  I grew up an hour north of the city and attended Fordham University for my undergraduate degree.  There is no place like NYC. And… CHARLESTON. The most beautiful place on the Eastern Seaboard. Hands down.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What’s next?

{Jeremie}:  World domination.  Oh, and a nap.

Jeremie Barlow

{TBC}:  What is your favorite quote?

{Jeremie}:  “Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor… Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.” – Mother Theresa

Jeremie Barlow

For more information on Jeremie Barlow Photography, we invite you to visit her delightful website or TBC Creative Profile.