Signature Style: Interview with Francis Kurkdjian {Maison Francis Kurkdjian Fragrance House}

Francis Kirkdjian

Mention the name Francis Kurdjian in the perfume world and you
know it is synonymous with luxury perfume…

From the moment I met Francis I could feel the passion he exudes for what he loves to do, and I became totally engulfed in his world…

I am a huge fan of his products, which is why I wanted to interview him.   I wanted to share his world with brides who are looking to create a bespoke experience for themselves and their guests.

As a child, Francis studied the piano and classical ballet, but at the age of 15, he decided to become a perfume designer.  He made sure that he attended all the right classes to take him to ISIPCA, the International School for future perfumers.

Francis Kurkdjian, at the age of 25, created his very first fragrance: Le Mâle for Jean Paul Gaultier, marking the launch of a very successful career of crafting perfumes for some of the biggest names in beauty and fashion (Christian Lacroix, Elie Saab, Dior, Ferragamo, Narciso Rodriguez, Versace and more). In 2009, he opened the doors to his namesake fragrance house, Maison Francis Kurkdjian in Paris, where he employs the purest and rarest oils to create custom, luxury fragrances. The Bridal Circle had the good fortune of catching up with Mr. Kurkdjian for this exclusive interview.

Francis Kirkdjian quote

{TBC}The Luxury Bride ultimately seeks customization. How does this notion translate into creating a bride’s signature scent?

{FK} Let’s say a bride loves and adores peonies. We select every variation of the Peony and craft it until its essence is exquisitely captured, and the bride selects her perfect scent. It is my mission to create a scent that makes her happy.It’s not just about the client or the product individually; it’s all about the experience. We create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience.

{TBC} How does the custom fragrance process work?

{FK} We begin with an initial consultation, interviewing the client, asking a series of questions to determine the things that are most pleasing to her senses. There are two types of brides: those that know what they want, and those that do not. We try not to push the bride in one direction or another, but guide and steer her towards discovering what she loves.

{TBC} How long does this process take?

{FK} Typically, the entire process takes about three months, but depending on the client’s needs, special orders (including personal visits and samplings anywhere in the world from representatives of the Francis Kurkdjian team) can be accommodated. Everything is not always about the price, it’s about the dream.

{TBC} What is the next big thing…the hottest trend in the world of fragrance?

{FK} Engaging the senses by creating a custom scent for your event and space, and packaging that scent and presenting your fragrance as a wedding favor to guests. It’s a meaningful gift … gifts should be meaningful and thoughtful.

{TBC} Please tell me about the olfactive installations you create?

 {FK} If a bride wants to scent the ballroom for her wedding day and truly make it magical, once I create the scent, I work with the planner and the venue to fragrance the room so that guests are engulfed into a wonderful, magical world of a beautiful smelling essence.  Take for instance for Versailles, we transformed the basin of the Orangerie into a giant fluorescent and perfumed the waters of orange, flower, and filled the park with the custom fragrance which made it an autumn magical evening. 


{TBC}What is your favorite part of what you do?

{FK}I create units of joy. My greatest pleasures are making my clients smile and bringing them happiness.

{TBC} With regards to selecting the right fragrance for your wedding day, what advice would you give a bride?

{FK} Every bride is unique, and she wants to feel special.  The fragrance should be about her and the essence of her… because her wedding day should be all about her.

{Francis Kurkdjian has created his bespoke fragrances Atelier and offers {made to order perfumes} for a private clientele. A work of craftsmanship and art, an exceptional encounter between memories and emotions… What is your signature scent?}