Saying "I DO" to your Luxury Wedding Vendors & Keeping the Love Alive

It isn’t about one single element of the wedding planning process or the actual execution of the wedding day – it’s the entire, overall experience that a vendor creates for the bride & groom.

Which is exactly why I personally have such a love affair with the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort.

Eight years ago, I celebrated my own nuptials there, at the Four Seasons Dallas, where from the instant I connected with Katy over the phone, I knew I was in good hands. She worked with me to create the absolute wedding day of my most fabulous dreams. Since then I’ve planned my sister’s wedding there and my own birthday party (see photos below)   because of the genuine relationship and friendship I’ve maintained with my dear friend Katy and the amazing Four Seasons staff. Each event I have shared there has embedded unforgettable moments and unsurpassed memories that I will always cherish.

I recently asked myself why I always go back…why the fascination, the attraction, the obsession?  I came to this conclusion: it’s the experience.

For a bride, saying “I Do” to a wedding professional should result in a very happily ever after. As the vendor, you’re not only offering a service, you’re making a promise to create the most important day of someone’s life. This means being resourceful, thinking on your toes, and making it work…whatever the circumstances may be.

Take this past weekend for example. I had the opportunity to spend the day with Katy, Jenna & the Four Seasons team as they prepared for a lavish wedding ceremony and reception at the hotel. Vendors rolling in and out, set-up taking place all day, items being delivered… everyone was busy with the hustle and bustle of preparation. When the cake arrived, instantly Katy knew something wasn’t right. Seeing a relatively simple and undecorated wedding cake being delivered triggered Katy’s memory … “this is not what the bride told me her wedding cake was going to look like!” Katy thought to herself. Without hesitation, it was Katy and Jenna to the Rescue, as they located and strategically placed floral arrangements on the cake. Voila! Problem solved. In that moment, Katy and Jenna proved to me what I already knew. The Four Seasons has a commitment to absolute excellence in ensuring the very best for their clients.

These are the things that our brides look for when seeking their perfect match….

*Listens, guides and stirs you gently all the while keeping true to your personal vision

*Makes you feel as if you are the only person in the world that matters

*Goes above & beyond their assumed call of duty & service

*Impacts the life of the client, in the largest and smallest of ways

*Truly engages the Bride

*Creates an opportunity for a lasting & meaningful relationship

Are you an exceptional vendor? I challenge you to make sure your name, your staff and your brand is aligned with the same attitude of unmatched service, professionalism and heartwarming personality as the amazing Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Dallas Las Colinas