RITZ CARLTON MONTRÉAL: A Decadent & Delightful Haven in the Heart of the Social City

Ritz Carlton Montreal

One of my great loves is traveling and staying at luxury hotels, so when the opportunity arises, I don’t hesitate to jet set to another luxurious location to experience the best the industry has to offer!  Recently, I stayed at the beautiful, newly renovated Ritz Carlton Montréal.  Every aspect of this hotel invokes grandeur, from the moment you step out of your car, graciously greeted by the doormen, to the second you lay your head upon your pillow at night.  You might be inclined to think you are dreaming up this luxurious getaway, but the truth is that you have embarked upon a journey into a world of sparkling splendor and ease.

Truly, the Ritz Carlton Montréal embodies the idea of preservation of the historic elements of the original 1912 hotel while introducing contemporary comforts and conveniences.  The original grandly curved staircase still presides over the vast lobby, preserved with golden railings.  Crystal chandeliers cast a dazzling light, and fine and decorative art graces the walls.  Guest rooms still display marble fireplaces, but have been reappointed to offer, among other luxuries, heated floors and countertops in the bathrooms.

Ritz Carlton Montreal

During my stay at the Ritz Carlton Montréal, I felt pampered beyond belief.  Decorated  with a modern-luxe twist, the rooms are tastefully styled in beautiful gray-hued scales and rich mahogany.  Dark hardwood floors set off the lavish white bedding with silver details and accessories everywhere. When it comes to bathrooms, I am beyond hopeless.  I adore brightly appointed bathrooms, crisp and clean in white and cream.  The luxuries offered here included the heated marble floors, a refreshing rainfall showerhead, and a deep lounging tub.  Simply refreshing.

The hotel is outfitted with the latest technology.  Motion sensors in the rooms activate the lights when one enters, so no one has to grope around blindly in the dark. Everything can be controlled with the tip, or simply a brush, of a finger.  Lights can be changed and shades can be raised or lowered, all from a touchscreen panel.  I love that there are heat sensors in the rooms that alert the staff as to whether guest rooms are occupied or vacant, so they can clean rooms without disturbing their guests.  At check in, guest rooms are actually set to returning customers’ preferred temperatures automatically.

Ritz Carlton Montreal

For a decadent and delicious dinning experience, foodies will not want to miss the Ritz Carlton’s sumptuous offerings.  World-renowned restaurateur and Chef, Daniel Boulud, presides over the hotel’s restaurant, and the dining experience is exemplary.  The restaurant is cleverly designed, allowing one to have an intimate and cozy dining experience- a perfect getaway from the bustle out on the street.  A modern fireplace and private dinning alcoves are available for those who want to host exclusive dinners.  I thought that a cleverly-placed glass wall providing views into the kitchen itself was a novel addition to the space.

Chef Riccardo Bertonlini masterfully presents the evening’s delicacies.  After a remarkable three-course meal, I was treated to freshly baked madeleines, recommended by Madeleine Kojakian, that at first bite, made me feel as if I had been transported to Paris.  My dinning experience couldn’t have  been more pleasurable.  From the company, to the food and wine, I felt completely satisfied.

Ritz Carlton Montreal Daniel Boulud

Another aspect of life at the Ritz Carlton Montréal that exemplifies just how attentive to detail the hotel strives to be, is that they have an resident floral designer, Jean-Pascal Lemire.  The arrangements are absolutely stellar- creative, fresh and teeming with color.  Jean-Pascal Lemire’s artful creations bring life and luminosity to the hotel’s interior, and certainly keeps the space from growing stale.  The varied arrangements, some large and breathtaking, some small and intimate, keep the dirty clamor of the city at bay, adding to the sense that one has stepped into a sort of dream-world.

Ritz Carlton Montreal

Located in the Golden Square Mile, The Ritz Carlton Montréal is moments away from a boutique-shopper’s heaven.  Saint Catherine Street is brimming with malls and high-end department stores. There are luxury designer shops as well as small boutiques, and just when you need a break after all that shopping, there are numerous cafes to choose from at which one might grab a quick- or leisurely- coffee to refuel.  The world is truly at your fingertips in this bustling shopping district.

The Ritz Carlton Montréal provides a visit unlike any other for their guests.  Elegant, yet comfortable and accommodating, the service is stellar.  So many interesting and unique experiences!  I must thank Anina, Director of Catering, for introducing me to Ice Wine during my time at the Ritz Carlton Montréal.  Thank you for a magnificent and pleasurable stay, and for hosting Maddy K and myself!  Our experience was stellar, and I am truly grateful.  Looking forward to a fresh experience when I return next year!