Introducing, Michelle Rago, Your Global Destination Wedding Expert

The Bridal Circle’s new Global Destination Expert, Michelle Rago is answering our questions on why Today’s brides and grooms are choosing destination weddings for their celebrations:

Michelle Rago Destination Wedding Event Planner

1.Why do bridal couples choose a destination wedding over a hometown affair? What’s the allure?

I believe the dirty little secret is out about destination weddings: they’re sooo much fun!  Why not go away if it raises the fun quotient? Additionally, guests never expect how close they become to their travel mates. Lifelong relationships form all in the context of an absolutely beautiful setting.

2. Explain the complete Michelle Rago Destination wedding experience:

A Michelle Rago Destination wedding experience is based on being a gracious host, great music and having a lot of fun. When you take time to personally greet guests, hang with them and punctuate moments throughout the weekend with thoughtful gestures, guests are touched. I am so adamant that the music be top notch whether it is someone you are bringing in, a DJ or a junkanoo band. Having the important people in your life all in one place for an extended period of time should be cherished.

3.Describe your most elaborate destination wedding:

I would have to say New Delhi, India. It was such a completely unique cultural experience and none of my usual touchstones were at hand. We had tents built which weren’t metal frames (as I would expect) but hand-lashed out of bamboo and draped with gauzy sheers. Just watching the tents being erected without machinery was like witnessing a living breathing creature!

Michelle Rago Destination Weddings Tented Events

4. Tell us about your favorite destination:

My personal favorite is probably Europe. I love the beauty…the elegance…the pace. When an initial call comes in and the destination is Europe, I admit, my heart skips a beat.

5. How do you determine the bride & groom’s style – what does your process look like?

Determining a couple’s style takes one on one meetings when we review plans, tear sheets and scrapbooks. We then start to compose story boards to present to the couple. Design is a process and like cooking a good meal, it requires patience and heart.

6. How do you engage your audiences? What’s your favorite go-to attention-getting element at a wedding?

To keep guests engaged throughout a wedding weekend we simply let them know we are thinking about them and their comfort at every turn. Hospitality, graciousness and a handful of surprises make the perfect recipe for a successful event.

For more information on Michelle Rago Destination Weddings and the incredible properties she offers, please go to her website.