Made to Measure: Jimmy Choo Makes Bespoke Footwear Footloose & Fancy Free

Long before Jimmy Choos graced a red carpet or posed prettily in the glossy, hot-off-the-press pages of today’s most chic magazines; before the brightest stars in the celebrity realm made Jimmy Choos a must-have, and long before Jimmy Choos dazzled fashionistas of all tastes and styles from the Globe’s hottest runways, Jimmy Choo originated as a made-to-measure atelier service in a London East End studio.  Discerning lovers of luxe could visit the atelier to have bespoke heels crafted to match a couture gown for a special occasion.  Some of London’s most elite celebrities, along with members of the royal family, slipped into the atelier to slip a custom set of stilettos on for size.  The late Princess Diana of Wales was one such client.

Now, the immensely successful Jimmy Choo brand is taking a step back in time to revisit its roots.  Jimmy Choo’s niece, Sandra Choi, has committed to bringing the Jimmy Choo brand’s history into its present offerings.  Couture shoe creation services will be introduced at a few select locations, allowing clients the ability to design- and even personalize-  their very own pairs of Jimmy Choos.  Clients will be able to select from a series of specific styles (these styles include Xenia, Anouk, Lance and Tite), determine heel height, color palette and materials.  Additionally, clients are able to add their own signature monograms to the sole of their custom Jimmy Choos.

Jimmy Choo’s newly-revealed, bespoke service is a dream come true for brides the world over.  Instead of having to have satin shoes generically dyed or trying to find stilettos to suit an entire bridal party, brides can now ensure that each member of their bridal party puts her best foot forward.  Of course, the bride can create her very own stylish pair of pumps to match her gown flawlessly- an absolute wedding day must!  Personalized and monogrammed wedding day heels?  Clearly, Jimmy Choo’s level of service, personalization and attentiveness makes the Jimmy Choo brand an utterly irresistible part of every bride’s Big Day dream.

Be on the lookout for Jimmy Choo made-to-measure shoes.  Send us images of you in your couture Jimmy Choos – we’d love to feature you & your most ravishing pair of pretties on the Bridal Circle Buzz!